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16 December
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Age: 16
Height: 159.2 cm (5 feet, 3 inches)
Weight: 56.2 kg (124 lbs)
Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: A

Missions Completed
D-Rank: 20
C-Rank: 15
B-Rank: 8
A-Rank: 2
S-Rank: 1

I'm your regular, normal teenager (sixteen, though I'm told I look older) who likes to knit and play strategy games in his spare time, and just so happens to have six arms and use his spit as both a weapon and an immobilizer (makes a pretty decent glue, too). I'm also a shinobi. Been one for a couple years now, and it's okay (better than it was before, anyway). My teammates drive me nuts sometimes, but they usually bother each other instead of me, probably because I'm not as easy to provoke as they are. It's kind of entertaining to watch them bitch, but tends to pall if the lag time between missions is any more than a week or two.

My specialty is defense and shielding jutsus (big surprise there, I was trained as a bodyguard), but I'm decent at tactics and my ninjutsu is weird enough that I can take some much stronger opponents down because they don't know how to react. My genjutsu is, unfortunately, almost nonexistant (I'll leave the illusion crap to Tayuya), and my taijutsu leaves something to be desired, which sucks (if Sakon and Ukon can get within six feet of me, they can kick my ass no problem), but I manage alright, mainly because I don't have "impulsive" plastered to my forehead like my teammates do and actually know how to plan, even though Orochimaru-sama still tells me I mess around too much. I would listen to him, but then what fun would fighting be?