Umk. Finals.

I really hate finals week.  I hate it more so because I have to work during it.  I'm only doing 3 hours a day, so its not too bad - I just wish I had those 3 hours to be lazy. :p  I actually just spent the last of my money buying a present for my niece (she's a year and a half and completely adorable.)  so I guess that it is somewhat worth it - mostly because I need to be able to buy food to feed me and 我男朋友. :) 

ow.  And I just burned my hand on the stove.  Today is looking to be a bad day. :(  Or really, just not a very fantastic one. :p

Back from the dead.

I refuse to believe that in the past I was such a dipshit.  In fact I am going to forget the past posts ever existed, and just to make myself feel better, I am going to lock them.

I live in an apartment now with my boyfriend.  He is Korean and loves numbers.  I am currently getting a major in Asian Studies (Focus area is China.  Shocking.)  I work a desk job in the international office here on campus.  I really am not at all into fandom anymore.  In fact, I am now leaning towards the other way, where I really can't stand a lot of things that I used to love.  I still do a lot of art.   In fact, the most recent picture I have given up on is here. :D  I actually have plans to make this more into an art journal then anything else. 

I'm going to 青岛 this summer, which should be fun. :)