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Oh Fuck. Here I Go Again.

Christmas spirit and such.

Christmas spirit and such.

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Shopped the other day for about 8 hours with my Mom and Gramma. It was intense, cause I wore stupid big heeled boots due to snow and cold feet and ended up dyyiiiiinnnnngggg.

I feel really awkward being here. Like a puzzle piece that got put in water. I still recognize the edges of things where I used to fit, but its like a swelled up too big for this place.

I miss things the way they were, but right now its fuzzy and far off, almost like childhood memories. I see Howard Beach through a fog, I've wandered away and fallen so far from it in such a short time.

Then again everything feels kinda like its in a fog. I'm swirling around and sitting in the stagnant puddle of Binghamton.

I'm probably dramatasizing this way more than need be. Its just I'm all scattered about. I spent a year knowing where my own personal affairs were and forgetting all about the future and the past. Now I have to work those things out all over again and its a bitch.
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