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Oh Fuck. Here I Go Again.



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Its been an exceedingly long time since I've posted or read anything from livejournal. I've just been so damn busy. All my not class time goes to either photoging or to Chris. Look at my site damnit. Things in my life are really starting to evolve super fast. I'm slowly starting to get shooting work via word of mouth. I'm probably going to get an apartment down here rather than go back to Binghamton for the summer. I just feel ready. I'm sick of dorm life, and when I go home I never really feel like I'm at home anymore. I'm ready to move on and grow up. And when I think about not having Chris around for that many months I get unnerved, and it bothers me way more than how I play it off to him. I can't think even think about him not being around. And I can't wait to live with him, and Alex and Nick. Its going to be the best apartment evar. I'm going to get to live with two of my close friends and my man. I know that its not going to be some kind of happily ever after scenario, but its damn close to the kind of situation I used to dream about when I was younger, just being able to live with people I trust and care about. It would've been that way this year, but things kept throwing it off. Sasha, boys, Mel. I feel a little bad about leaving Danielle behind, but I never really see her anyway. She's always with Adamn, or working at school.

Anyway, this fifteen minutes was all I could give this journal for a while. Most of you guys know my number, and I probably won't be on this for another seven weeks. Call me if you want a more detailed update.
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