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07:07am 03/11/2010
  I'm friends with my roommate on facebook , our I would probably post this there, but I've just got to say that I find my roommate's habit of leaving knives sticking straight up in the utensils canister and, now, of hanging a pair of open scissors in midair from the pot rack too be deeply unnerving. There are a lot of 5am near misses.  
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Writing about one electronic forum on another   
03:32pm 13/07/2010
  One of the fencers from my Div 1A men's foil pool just asked me to be his friend on facebook. I'm relatively certain that the only words he's ever said to me were his arguments after every touch. How thoroughly odd.  
Productive Morning   
07:59am 04/11/2009
  Before finishing cooking breakfast this morning I managed to both go for a run and break up with Joon Yee. I am so productive! Go me! No really!

Only nine more months until our lease is up. Longest nine months ever.
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Fish out of water   
09:35pm 13/04/2009
  I came back from lunch on Friday to find my co-workers standing around shooting the shit. In their case, the shit was a long and involved conversation about a number of television shows about grossly large families - 10 kids, 12 kids, etc. I hate to say it, but I'm pretty sure that I stood there with a look of increasing disgust on my face. I have no idea what to say to these people.

Today I ate my lunch, finished listening to Faithful, Stephen King and somebody else chronicling the experience of being Red Sox fans in 2004, and turned on the ball game. But instead of hearing the usual pre-game chatter and speculation, the announcers could barely get their words out. Harry Kalas, the voice of the Phillies, the voice of long rides back from the shore, curled up on the backseat in the dark, the voice of my childhood and, more than any other one person, the voice of my city, died this afternoon in the broadcast booth, two hours before the Phils played the Nats. It was like a punch to the stomach. The announcers could barely talk. In a sense their horror at the Nats' ineptitude (they have the worst record in baseball right now - 0-7 - and have been on the Philly airwaves begging Philly fans to come down to their games) was kinda funny. They clearly took it as a personal offense. But the whole thing was just so sad. There are ads that have Kalas's voice in them and I started crying every time they played one, but couldn't get myself to stop listening.

But of course, none of this means anything to my octuplet-obsessed colleagues. And even people who I do know down here kept coming up to me and cheerily saying oh, gee, did you hear about that Philly guy? Yeah, yeah I heard, and no, I'm not happy about it. In ways that I can't really explain it feels like I lost a part of myself.
02:08am 05/11/2008
  I'm finally getting tired - the adrenaline is finally wearing off - but I don't want to go to bed. I want to keep holding on to this night. The world has changed around me and I don't want to miss a moment of it. I want to wake up in this changed world, but I don't want to go to bed in it. I feel very silly, like a little kid.  
12:23am 05/11/2008
  Also, just for the record, can I tell you how much I love that Obama won Maverick County in TX by 78% to 21%? John McCain did a lot tonight to remind me of why I used to say he might not be such a bad option, but it's going to be a long time before I can use the word "maverick" in a non-ironic manner.  
12:13am 05/11/2008
  I have never before felt so strongly that something just happened to change the world for the better.

I've spent the last six years staring at images of black buffoons, black country imbeciles, black black rube politicians. I've spent the past six years immersed in cultural artifacts that say that people with dark skin are only good for singing and dancing. I've spent the past six years breathing in the casual racism that we would now love to say is a relic of an older time, but which is still a part of our country.

I remember distinctly a moment in my research when I hit the "stop" button on my VCR and my television went from a blackface scene to a shot of Obama speaking. The transition happened in just a fraction of a second. I can't even comprehend how long this transition has really taken and how much more remains to be done.

But I'll be damned if this isn't a good start.
01:24pm 03/11/2008
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New Home(s)   
08:49pm 08/08/2008
mood: discombobulated
Well.  We've done it.  Everything all packed.  Then packed into the van.  Then us packed into my car.  Then the driving...  We stopped for a night in Bristol VA/TN and for another night in New Orleans.  And now we're in Austin, watching the Opening Ceremonies on tv in our new apartment.  Tomorrow movers bring Joon Yee's stuff over.  Sunday they bring my stuff over. 

I'm setting up another Livejournal under the name strangenew to show my folks my new home and my attempts to settle in.  Feel free to friend that or not as you wish.  And I'll still be here (probably more than I was recently!) with the things that aren't fit to share with my folks.
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07:54am 25/07/2008
mood: exhausted
I've been coaching four classes a day, six days a week all summer.  Yesterday I coached 6 classes - 10 hours.  Today is my last day working for FAP.  Soon I'll be just as tired from packing and moving, and then from job hunting and learning new places and meeting new people, but for the moment all I can feel is relief.  
02:42am 16/04/2008
  My dissertation is printing out with vertical lines down the right side of every page that has a picture on it.  I am rather annoyed.  On the other hand...  It's about to be done.  I hope.  If I can wake up tomorrow morning in time to figure out how to fix it.  I'll see what they can do at staples with photocopying or I'll run down to Penn and try printing it there.  Or I'll turn it in as is and take my chances.  Meh.

I miss sleep.

Hey, look!
Sometimes I'm a dumbass   
04:14pm 15/04/2008
  So, I just printed out my entire dissertation, the first step towards compiling it.  Only problem?  I know that there's a huge checklist to check for formatting issues but I somehow conveniently forgot to actually DO any of those things.  Bah.

320 sheets of paper printed for nothing.

Fun fact?  It takes a touch over 25 minutes to print this baby out.
02:04am 13/04/2008
mood: exhausted
Just finished the edits of things I wanted to fix and my advisor wanted me to fix.  TOmorrow I'll do the ones my second reader wants, which are extensive, and then turn it in to my readers again, hopefulyl for the last time.  Holy shit, I might actualyl do this!  Oh my go,d I'm so tired!  I tun this in at 10 AM on Wednesday, so I've got 80 hours to go.  I think.  my Math's not too good right now.  Nor is my typing, apparently. 

Oh my god, I might actually finish this. 
03:17pm 03/04/2008
  Ach.  I'm getting old.  I've never before had to increase the size on my document to see my footnotes for proper editing.  On the other hand... OMG I'm worrying about where the commas and the periods are!  That's _very_ close to the end!  Yee haw!

Also?  For the record, I do like the ability to convert footnotes to endnotes and whatnot, but I what I _really_ want is the ability to magically convert footnotes to bibliography!  That would kick some serious booty.
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01:01am 29/03/2008
  I should be in bed, but I'm way too excited.  I put the whole thing in one file and put in all the right formatting (or enough so that my advisor and first reader can both get a taste of it.  No pictures but I'll send them along later.  The total weighs in at 271 pages, without most of its footnotes, or any illustrations or bibliography.  78,680 words.  Uhhh... damn.  It's like I went and wrote a book or something.

And now I really do have to go to bed.  Up in 6 hours to go coach.  Oy.  That's going to be painful.
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11:57pm 28/03/2008
mood: ecstatic
DONE!!!  HOLY SHIT!!!  I have a complete copy of my dissertation, all edited nice and pretty.  OMG!!!

Tomorrow I'll call over to the video store and see when we can find a good time for me to come in and take screen caps of a few films for my illustrations.  And then I'll turn the whole thing in.  The whole thing!  Oh my god!  I still need footnotes and a bibliography and such, but... but I'm pretty much there.  Oh my god.

I'm trying to decide whether to turn it in tonight or wait until tomorrow and give it one more once-over.
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09:48am 21/11/2007
mood: peaceful
I've got houseguests. Of the four-legged variety. It's kinda fun having creatures here, even if they are cats, not dogs. I think I can forgive them. Right now Zebedee is sitting in my lap, walking over the keyboard, climbing off my lap. They're soft little things. And they say hello when I come back home. They don't know quite the right games, but they do play, so I suppose I can forgive their confusion. Anyway, you can see them here. They've now taken to climbing on top of my Billy bookcases, a foot or two above my head. I'm terrified that I'm going to come back from Thanksgiving and find that Oscar's gotten himself stuck behind the Benno CD shelves in the two feet between the shelves and the wall.

Having the cats come gave me a fantastic excuse to clean up my apartment, which was overdue, and to really clean it in a way I haven't done in far too long. I'm pretty enchanted with it. You know, now that the dust bunnies have been evicted. And in the process of cleaning that up, I've been slowly working my way through my hand-washing, one piece at a time. Washed a cashmere sweater yesterday that I knew had some gnawing damage, but I wasn't sure how extensive it was. Turns out it was pretty bad. So last night I started to take it apart (as you can see) and unravel it. Got through one sleeve. It is a remarkably pleasant experience, tearing out an entire sweater. Obviously, there won't be enough to make another sweater, but I'm thinking about doubling or tripling it over on top of itself and making a scarf. The yarn is a beautiful silvery gray. Should be nice.

My Bryn Mawr girls gave me a birthday present - a long-sleeved shirt that says "There is no parry, only parry-riposte." I blushed.

In other words, despite everything else, I'm feeling remarkably peaceful these days. It's a great place to be.
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Call for Refs   
10:50pm 29/10/2007
  Anybody in the Philly area, Haverford is looking for refs for November 11th.  Pay is $200 for the day.  Email Chris Spencer if you can ref.  And please pass this on to any Philly(ish) area refs you know.  They're pretty hard up, since there's the Dallas NAC and some big meet at Vassar.  
10:41am 17/10/2007
mood: accomplished
Rough draft of intro done!  Weighs in at 34 pages right now, which will probably grow a bit in edits, and which is a bit longer than I expected.  My punch list is 21 items right now, some of which need some pretty extensive reading, but who the hell cares?  WAHOOOOOO!

Tomorrow will be spent at Longwood Gardens, pen in hand and pages slowly bleeding red.
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Profound Thoughts on Writing a Dissertation   
10:29pm 13/10/2007


ETA: This is a pretty good approximation of my thoughts on the matter.
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