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Thu, Mar. 9th, 2006, 07:58 pm
Invisible Cities: Velocester

In an idea that's rapidly turning into a meme of the best kind, bluedevi introduces us to Spindlemarch, an invisible city. Which made me think that I should build one of my own, and link it to hers via some kind of imaginary highway. Hence...

Velocester, Nevada is currently the holder of the land-speed record for cites. Situated in the Nevada Desert, it is currently about 100 miles east of Reno, and heading east at some speed.

Approaching Velocester from the east, through the desert, one is immediately struck by the number of new-build residential areas, supermarkets, retail parks and industrial estates that are being thrown up, the edge of the city a forest of construction cranes, and signage reading "GAP: COMING IN FALL".

As you head west, you begin to hit the inhabited areas, which are abuzz with the lights of the new, fashionable nightclubs, hip new shopping malls, and exclusive downtown apartments. As you leave downtown, you begin to hit the cheaper, less fashionable areas. Here, old established businesses, some over two years old, rub shoulders with residential areas which have been converted into offices, and industrial areas converted into loft living accomodation.

Further west, the story is similar, but everything is somewhat run-down, as Velocester's notoriously lax building codes begin to show, and urban decay really starts to set in, with crumbling concrete and peeling panelling beginning to turn the once-well-to-do areas into slums. The people who live in West Velocester dream of moving east, which of course they do, regularly.

Further west again, we leave the slums and into the condemned areas, where demolition is the order of the day. Material from demolition is used for the building of I801, the interstate that connects with Velocester to the west. I801 connects Velocester with Reno, and grows by about one mile per year.

Velocester runs on a fuel of high-octane real-estate investment; it's not cheap to run, but then performance vehicles never are.

There's more cities that you can get to from Spindlemarch, by the way.

Any more invisible cities out there? If you've got one, you could link it to Velocester, and we could get a map going. (And hey, it's got to be a better idea for a meme than What Jedi Lightsaber Are You? or whatever else turns up.)

Fri, Mar. 10th, 2006 01:12 pm (UTC)

I guess that one's been inevitable since it was observed that Samuel L. Jackson ought to have the line "We ought to have lightsabers for a deal like this" in Episode 1. Or whichever of those damned films he was in.