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short on money, but long on time. [entries|friends|calendar]
ms. kendra

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Byebye. [19 Mar 2007|03:34pm]
Moved! attackthis. Add, kthynx.
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Posted using TxtLJ [23 Nov 2006|04:28pm]
Playing guitar hero in my gram's basement. Go figure. Now I'm getting my dad a ps2 & the game for christmas. I'd get a ps3, but it's sold out and I'
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Posted using TxtLJ [23 Nov 2006|11:08am]
Happy gobble-gobble day one and all. I'm heading to my gram's soon w/ my free 50$ ham from work. We're also going to my dad's boss' for a while. I m
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Posted using TxtLJ [19 Nov 2006|05:11pm]
Hey guys! I've been working at honey baked ham for 2 weeks now, wee. I made 186$ my first week for 5 days (29.5 hours) and i'll be getting about 300
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Posted using TxtLJ [19 Nov 2006|04:14pm]
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[15 May 2006|01:55pm]
Craig, in case you check this... e-mail isn't working today at the library, so I can't read what you sent me. Talk to me here, since it works! ...I FOUND A TOY POODlE ON THE WAY TO THE LIBRARY.

That is all.
I'll be back next week.
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[05 May 2006|02:11pm]
Sooo I have more time than I thought I would... I thought I give a few quick updates!

Okay, so, I'm 20 now.
Harlee is 100% better after getting hit.
I have a NEW dog, named Toby. He's a border collie.
I'm still ...
I painted my room! Rawr.
Hmm, that's about it. Boring.

I also wanted to add that I'm really sorry to those people I was working with, either on a site or making graphics or whatever. I know I left you out in the cold, and I totally should have went to the library right away but we're realy lazy.

Alright, I got to run!!
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[05 May 2006|01:47pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

I'm alive! I swear!!

Ok, quick story! Our computer crashed the day that Harry Potter 4 came out, and I haven't been able to get on the internet ever since. I know it's been 6 months, but I'm alive. I'm at the public library right now and will probably come once a week to check my LJ.

I'm not going to say a lot right now, because I'm being rushed by my ride, but I HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN ABOUT YOU GUYS!

Craig, Lyddie, Jess, all of you I'm really sorry!!

Remember, it will take me probably a week at least to respond, but I'll come as much as I can. More info later.
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[09 Nov 2005|05:08pm]
Instead of individually thanking you guys for your remarks, I figure I'd do another update. Thanks guys, really.

Harlee is going to be fine! They had me so scared that we'd have to put him down, because we didn't know what was happening. When my dad called the Shelter (Which is where the guy took Harlee, not the vet) they made it out to be a lot worse then what it really was. The suggested where we should take Harlee, and my dad did that.

I wanted to go, I really did, but I'm sick right now and I the thought of seeing my mangled baby was just too much. So, I stayed home and waited in bed for my dad to call me and tell me what was up. Of course, he forgot to call. So I got up and called him. He said that he was still waiting to see the vet but Harlee was interacting with other dogs & cats there, so he took that as a good sign. Also, the Shelter said Harlee just had a broken leg and some minor cuts.

My dad just called a few minutes ago to tell me that Harlee might not even have a broken leg!! Just swelling, the vet is going to keep him for two days to see. I'm so happy/relieved/thankful. I started crying when he told me that he was going to be fine.

It was a major flash back to when Bernie got ran over (and lived obviously) and when Ashlea died. I've come to the conclusion that I really don't want another dog. I love the two I have, and I couldn't handle becoming attached to another and having this happen again. Of course, I said the same thing after I lost Breeze & when Ashlea died. I don't know, I guess its just shock.

Anyways, thanks again guys.

Oh yeah, Harlee is so well that my dad is even going bowling tonight =\ Lol.
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[09 Nov 2005|02:03pm]
Harlee was hit by a car sometime this morning. I was trying like crazy to get him to come home, and he just wouldn't come. A guy around the corner found him and took him to the vet. We don't know if they'll put him to sleep, or what. I'm trying not to freak out, really really trying...but I can't help it. I'm shaking and crying like a baby.

Anyways, I just got on to see if Craig was on, and he's not. So, I have to go now and wait for the call.
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[01 Nov 2005|01:00am]
[ mood | kick ass ]

Only friends up in this piece.

[31 Oct 2005|05:46am]
[ mood | crazy ]

& for the first time ever in my life I'm doing jack shit on Halloween.

..yeah, that's me in the picture and no thats not real nor fake blood. It's...pixel blood, or I guess you could say psp blood. I had fun =)
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[24 Oct 2005|11:59pm]
[ mood | remorseful ]

Indefinite Hiatus:

This isn’t something I want to do, but more over something I should do. For the time being I will not be posting any new icons or graphics. It’s not that life is crazy active or anything, I’ve probably got the most laid back life you can have, its that my creative juices aren’t flowing anymore (I doubt they ever really were).

Then there’s the whole thing of my computer almost dying due to the amount of porn HQ pictures I had saved on my hard drive. My poor computer can’t take my icon making habit! Sigh.More?Collapse )
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[19 Oct 2005|04:30pm]
[ mood | amused ]

26 Hilary Duff
23 Degrassi (spoilers!)
19 Harry Potter (POA, GOF + Actors)
12 Ashlee Simpson
02 Matthew McConaughey


i know we're gonna get boombastic...Collapse )

Comment if you take something, credit _kendra in keywords. DO NOT HOTLINK, ALTER, OR REDISTRIBUTE.
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[18 Oct 2005|12:46am]
[ mood | so fucking happy it hurts ]

All I'm going to say is, I'm so fucking happy.

I'm going to bed to watch Old School Degrassi.

I want to have Cranny babies, is that possible?

...What, thats not a spoiler =(

Icons tomorrow!

...old school!

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[07 Oct 2005|03:51pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

36 icons; Degrassi*, Instant Star, Hilary Candids, Laguna Beach

*There are images from un-aired episodes (in both Canada & US) in this batch. I'd say they give nothing away, but don't say I didn't warn you.

01. 14. 25.

I'm 10 feet under, til you come along...Collapse )

Credit _kendra in keywards. DO NOT ALTER, HOTLINK, OR redistribute.

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[05 Oct 2005|05:06pm]
[ mood | bored ]

30 Icons; Degrassi Mall Tours 05, GvB, Harry Potter.

01. 10. 24.

And like the blade you stain...Collapse )

Credit _kendra in keywords. Do not hotlink, alter, or Redistribute.

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[04 Oct 2005|11:32am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

36 Icons; Hilary Duff, Degrassi, Cassie Steele
10 Headers; Degrassi, Ashlee Simpson, Hilary Duff

07. 08.

16. 13.

It's not so bad, you're only the best I ever had...Collapse )

Credit _kendra in keywords for icons, userinfo for headers. DO NOT HOTLINK, ALTER, OR REDISTRIBUTE. Upload headers to your own servers. Image Shack, Photobucket - what ever. Just please do not direct link!

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[27 Sep 2005|02:30pm]
I swear these aren't staged.

It's offical...Harlee's finally turned into me!Collapse )

This is unlocked because everyone should see his cuteness.

kendra is not happy...
Some one is hotlinking again! I have to take my moodtheme down because someone is a lazy prick and can't upload to their own server? THANKS.

This doesn't just effect me either, now all my icons are down too. I'm sure everyone will be so happy about that! =) hotlinkers *rock*.


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[25 Sep 2005|09:24am]
[ mood | totally wicked ]

20 Headers; Hilary Duff, Degrassi, Ashlee Simpson, My Chem, Dake Bell, Harry Potter & Brintey.

You pissed me off, goodbye.Collapse )

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