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Brought to you by the Color Red

Well, well, it certainly has been a busy week here! And it seems I've joined Project Spectrum without really even knowing it. Observe:

The socks fit well, but need a blocking to be sure. They're a bit short, but I've got another skein and most of the rest of the 2nd to use up! The red triangle? That's another clapotis, made from some alpaca that's been burning a hole in my stash. The pink is a diamond lace scarf from Fibertrends. It's a lace knitpicks mix, bought last year with the sock yarn. The new red yarn is for my new sock pattern, either the Jaywalker pattern or the Broadripple socks pattern. Truth be told, the Broadripples printed better (and with directions for 2 circs) so that's probably it. And just for fun, that's todays drink of choice (so un-st Patty's of me!) a homemade cosmopolitan. Mmm, cranberry-ey goodness. Hey, the college it sports colors are green and white, okay?

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