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Pretty all over

Ahhh, a Saturday to myself. Nothing to do (well, in relative terms- no errands, no work, just shopping at will) but take some pics and upload what I've been up to.

What have I been up to? Well, we've got this little committee at work for our upcoming recruitment efforts. We're trying to shake things up by getting better recruits in and then keeping them on staff. (Novel idea, I know). So part of this undertaking is to make a movie about work and what makes it so neat to come here. Making a movie is hard, dirty, boring and plain unappealing to me. While I am creative, good at using resources and a hard worker, I am not an actor or a director. I could be a producer, perhaps- I'm good at saying what works and what doesn't, what might be better and such, but I am not one who wants to be involved in every nitty gritty decision. And that's what the filming stuff has been like. Going to every damn park in the city to film, doing voiceovers and interviews, choosing music and working with others on things that they have a very different opinion of, and working with those who choose not to work at all. #$%^&^%#@$ is the approximate term for the latter part of that last statement. You don't sign up for committees not to help or put your ass on the line to get something done. I'm sorry if you didn't sleep well, or its your weekend. I went to bed at four and was all pretty at work by eleven, on the first day of my weekend. I worked ten hours of ovetime on my first two days of my weekend, after at least a 40-hour work week. So I don't care what your excuse is, because I'm tired of doing all your work. At least we've got some pretty things to show for it. What's nice about doing things like this is that I get to play with my camera and take pictures of the city in places I normally wouldn't be.
Like this:
And this:
And this:
And don't forget mother goose:. I'm obsessed with giant geese. I don't know why. Probably 'cause I'm really short, so they're almost as big as I am. They just crack me up.

What's new in knitting? Well, I uploaded an old FO. It's a two-cable scarf from the original debbie bliss alpaca silk. It's soooooft. I finally steam-blocked it some to get it flat (it was curling pretty bad). I love this yarn like a fat child loves cake! In fact, this could be considered the cake of yarns, since it's rich, thick, colorful and soooo pleasing on the inside. Part of the reason I uploaded it is that I need more ideas on what to do with the four balls I bought in the lovely lavender color in the last post. I'm thinking scarf, but I'm at a loss for patterns. Help?

The sock is still in progress. I had to rip it all back, my gauge was frighteningly huge. But, it has survived and is currently just past the cuff, about thre inches or so in length. I casted on using the two circs method (okay, what I think is the method, I never read the book, just un-vented it, as Elizabeth Zimmermann would say). This time a 56-stitch cast on, not 68 as the old pattern called for. Yeah, much, much better. What's interesting is that the sock colors are pooling up, either because of my wonky cast-on method, or the default smaller circumfrence from less stitches. It's kind of cool, but very odd, since the old sock was so perfectly stripey. It's literally a whole new sock!

Now to shower and enjoy the sunshine. Mmm, sunshine!

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