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Gold Medal Friend

Well, I didn't get the gold medal. Hell, I didn't even come close. You could consider it a swatch without a reason. My LYS gal, who is just the friendliest ever, suggested to felt the hell out of it and make it the front of a bag. Hmm. Wheels turning.

Well, I didn't get out of the store empty handed. Oops. Yeah, that's Debbie Bliss alpaca silk in "i can't believe I bought purple" lavender. This yarn is regarded as what I think knitting a cloud and marshmallow's bastard child would be. Soft and squiiiiishy.See what I mean? I may request to be buried in or with it. I used the rest of the red I had to make a thank-you neckwarmer scarf for a good friend who did an outstanding job of helping clean our apartment. You may thussly ogle the alpaca silk in it's rare "FO" form. and here you can almost touch the super soft love that this yarn produces naturally: I really liked this project. It took a ball and a quarter of the yarn, and I had a hard time giving it up. I have this want to make things for people, and then I get really anxious about whether or not they will like them, then I totally ditch the project, sometimes midway through. I'm not sure why, probably too many blog horror stories about the "FO That Went Wrong"!

Now don't think I am just a sucker because the sales gal told me they had new colorways, because I did come there for a reason. I did need needles, two clover sz 3 circs for the sock. DPNs were frustrating me. I can use them, but they were just not transport and sit-down and knit friendly. Socks do indeed soar on two circs. Look, I turned a heel! . I am so loving the knitpicks yarn. I love the colorway. I love the feel. I love the sweet, sweet ladder-free stockinette that has magically flowed from my hands. The color is best in the heel shot, it's almost right on target.

Okay, bedtime! After I look at a few good scarf patterns....

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