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Hmm. The knit olympics is winding down, and I've got little to show for it! I think this is the year that I fall and don't make the podium stand, like so many other athletes. Witness:
WIPs 003
Here we have the progress of Lady Eleanor. She's been sitting alone since I made a mistake on the side. It's not a fatal mistake, I just got tired and didn't want to fix it. You can see it here. WIPs 004 See, I forgot a last repeat of the side, making pickup of stitches for the right hand triangle impossible without just putting one in the space and picking up stitches the wrong way. Esentially, making up a triangle as I go. Yeah, not for me. It didn't help that I discovered this on the same night I was fighting with the computer. Yeah. Now you see!

Well, since I haven't been doing my olympic knitting, what have I been doing? Well, see for yourself. I've balled up some KnitPicks merino sock yarn and have managed to get half a sock out of it. This yarn is sooo soft, I can't wait to finish this sock. WIPs 001 Then, I wanted to thank a friend for doing such a good job at helping me clean my apartment, so I found the Odessa pattern online and then found this to go with it.WIPs 005 It's Arcadia, an 80/20 mix of cotton and angora. It's really soft. But awful hard to photograph! WIPs 007 Sadly, that was the best one. The color is darker and closer to true color in the first pic. I hope the beads fit. I think they will. Wish me luck!

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