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I hate everything

Dear technology:

Here is a list of things that you have not made my life better at as of yet. Please refer to this list, as I have referred to your numerous help options, guides, referrals and ultimately, begging and pleading, to which you (amazingly) have not given in to. Please know that your insubordination on these parts may lead to said technology being thrown off the balcony in favor of better, more loving technology. Just a warning.

1. When part of the laptop decides to die, it needs to be more than 1 year old, or have something to do with being dropped, lack of driver maintenance, fluids, malificent spyware/viruses, etc. Not just because it does. And certainly not an important part like, oh, the CD-DVD drive, which is needed for EVERYTHING.
2. When said part dies, it must be easier to fix. Not just welded into the casing for some unknown reason.
3. When you have two products that were "born to be together" as the ipod and itunes are, they should really learn to get along together. Or at least be on speaking terms. At the very least, recognize each other out of sheer implicitness. The failure to do so is just embarassing.
4. Speaking of "getting along", when new apparatuses (apparati?) are introduced, play nice and just let them install. No freezing.
5. I have a laptop cooler on ALL THE TIME because of the freezing, so you aren't cold, dammit. So quit acting like it.
6. Anti-virus software should be easy to remove and use. However, removing the spyware and viruses are proving easier than this. Why, Norton, why?
7. If Microsoft Anti-Spyware can run in the backround all nicely by itself, why can't Norton? Why does it hoarde system resources like so much candy and gold?
8. HP you're on the list too. Printers need to be installed once. Not attempting to re-configure every time the mouse moves. If it re-configured on start up, and nothing has been printed, I'm pretty sure re-configuring will yield the same result.
9. iHOME alarm clock is off the list as it decided to play nice with the ipod, which has been cleared of all music in a vain attempt to play nice with itunes. Ipod, which cannot be used to make the iHOME play to its full extent is so very much on the list (see #3)
10. Would it kill the alarm clock manufacturers to include a 24-hour clock? Seriously, folks!

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