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Well, here's how it came down: I just couldn't bear the price of Noro. And I had some Cascade 220 to use- I thought it was going to work for a bolero, but the gauge was off, so I bought some more in a close colorway. Presenting: two-color Lady Eleanor! She's quite pretty, I think, in her greys and blues. I'm not going to say it's not without hard work- all those @@(*#U#)$(#* ends to weave in (I'm weaving as I go, it's just annoying to keep picking up the wrong end to knit with!) However, I'm loving her more than the other colorways already. Sweet, sweet gauge- no think and thins, no weird color pooling or transitions, and frankly, I like the feel of Cascade more (shocking!).
Here's some detail shots:

I'm using size 8 straights since I was annoyed by the circular needle getting tangled up in transport. It's a little tight, but it's working put much better when I pick up stitches:

And finally, size reference. It's sitting on the pattern book, Scarf Style, with a Nintendo DS and TiVo remote nearby.

Sigh, now it's back to work this week. Down to one hour a day of actual knitting. *cry*

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