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Problem in neverland

Yeah, so that new yarn? A good deal at 4 pm, still pretty at 4 7 pm, not so good with the gauge. Size 8? Keep going. Size 10? Yeah, not yet....I don't have the capabilities to do this stole on 12's or really the want. I just *adore* size 7's and 8's for just about everything. Big, clunky needles don't fit in my tiny hands. I feel like I'm knitting with giant logs when I'm doing it. Not so good. So, yarn tomorrow will probably go back (minus one skein that has been balled up) and the current knitting project will continue, and I'll buy several more balls and tough it out tomorrow. Sigh. I wish it was a prettier colorway, I don't like the dark greens with the light greys. If there was more blue, it might be worth it. And I hate the yardage! Stupid japanese yarn. There's always the cascade I wanted to try... that's a fair price.....oh, and the Arucania Nature wool....unfortunately, neither are varigated/self striping. Well, something's gonna get 'stole-d', so I'll just knit and graft together what's left of what I like! I'll call it "grandma's attic entrelac".
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