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A while

It's been a bit, ne? Mais oui!

So, got my DOR for my phase on Sunday. The day started out awful, so it made sense. Lillian had to work graveyard for marie, so she was in a spectacular mood. That was good. Then I had my end of phase, which I did not know was coming. An end of phase is a DOR of your whole time with your coach, essentially. My DOR was that my coach had rated me too high in the following areas that could use "significant improvement":
-talking too fast
-talking with the wrong inflection
-asking non-clarifying questions
-letting the caller talk to long
-interrupting the caller (see above, and if that makes sense to you. if it does, email me why)
-missing "critical statements" because i am either thinking about the call or plain stupid (my take)
-not knowing enough about the codes and crimes (i apparently need to study every minute of the day, including days off)
-in general just being crappy at multitasking and developing a "spit ear" and "split mind" connection, which is insanely difficult

As you can see, my Sunday was just one big bowl of creamy, soupy failure. Mmm, failure, bitch! And as a result, my eye hurts like fuck (dabbing at it too much) and looks like it, i am going into my next phase feeling like i am back in the first two weeks, instead of confident about answering the phone, knowing I can help this person (well, I can if I don't talk and study really hard first). And the feeling that my whole three weeks weren't well spent, since i just basically fucked up the calls I thought I really made skill headway on. Talk about your ego downers.

What else? went to the strippy club last night for dustin's b-day. He got SO fuckered up, i bet I wont' see him for a good two weeks. He spent 4 HOURS in there, all told, and probably quite a bit of the money he got from kyle for his electric guitar. But he did have a good time. strip clubs are interesting. The gals are nice to look at, but it's interesting- after a while, casey and i are just like, yeah, you're naked, congratulations... But other people are like, oh man, she's naked, what is she going to do next, oh boy she is looking at me, she likes me.... etc. poor joe's eyes nearly fell out. I left mid way through, casey thought we all would leave, but he had to go back and get dustin and the rest, since they didn't want to go home yet. he really didn't like that. craig would have left, he said, and he was right. the black gal was there, and so we had to support her for craig, since he had to work. being a girl, the strip club gals are all over you immediately. it takes the ick factor away, and they like that. you get free admission, they come over and fawn all over you. one of the gals made everyone sit up front for a bit and i got a face full of boobs, much to everyone's content. at least she smelled nice; the other girl came face to face and smelled like cigarrettes. but i bet the rest of them will be jerking to that for a while.

sigh. stupid daytime. all bright out and shit. they are cleaning the apt next door, the carpet people's vaccuum is loud and bad. I hate the noise. I'd like to go wake up casey but he should sleep until he wakes up naturally- he won't be able to sleep with the carpet cleaner dudes once he wakes up. i need to call about contacts and add meds. i don't want to go in for either, but i'm not sure if they will just give me presecriptions for both. maybe a trial for each? best case scenario, let's see about that.

okay, time to feel useful in my last day off (stupid adjustment days!) i get saturday,sunday,monday off again, so that's good. and i don't have to be at work until eleven, a better deal. but still. i don't like that it's sunday- i haven't even gotten a saturday!
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