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I spent so much money today without even trying! I bought a new laptop... expensive and dangerous, I know. But it is soooo pretty, with its 3 Ghz processor, ATI Radeon 9000 card, 60 GB of ram... it will definitely be the lappy of my dreams or at least the last big purchase before saving for a house... that I know of. I loved my old lappy, but it was time for something new and different.

Poor Dustin got left by his gf today :( I feel very bad for him, he liked her a whole bunch. So he's going to get tore up and fuel his regret with alcohol! Not the best idea, but when you are sad and lonesome, anything sounds good. It is with regret that Melissa leaves, as well, since we were fond of her as a group, too. But it stands that breakups sometimes break up friends and groups as well as couples (a good example: divorces).

I am doing so well at staying up late! It's 4 am, and I am doing really well. I might just stay up until a good while. Hopefully, I will sleep in and get on schedule for Wednesday. Of which I STILL don't know my schedule (ride along, yea or nea?) I am guessing it will be me awkwardly standing at the supervisor desk, awaiting instruction. I don't really want to ride along for ten hours, god no, but there isn't anything I can do if there aren't any officers to take me. And I can't jump on the phones when I am not certified and no trainer is present. UGH. I do not look forward to this, but hopefully the later posts this week will have better information regarding this oversight.

What else? Nothing, it seems. That's all that has been going on. I have one more day to be lazy! Woot!
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