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Well, well, it certainly has been a busy week here! And it seems I've joined Project Spectrum without really even knowing it. Observe:

The socks fit well, but need a blocking to be sure. They're a bit short, but I've got another skein and most of the rest of the 2nd to use up! The red triangle? That's another clapotis, made from some alpaca that's been burning a hole in my stash. The pink is a diamond lace scarf from Fibertrends. It's a lace knitpicks mix, bought last year with the sock yarn. The new red yarn is for my new sock pattern, either the Jaywalker pattern or the Broadripple socks pattern. Truth be told, the Broadripples printed better (and with directions for 2 circs) so that's probably it. And just for fun, that's todays drink of choice (so un-st Patty's of me!) a homemade cosmopolitan. Mmm, cranberry-ey goodness. Hey, the college it sports colors are green and white, okay?
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What the Heck?

Hey look! Almost a pair of socks! No second sock syndrome here! Look how pretty they are! And sooo soft, merino wool is definitely the way to go. Yay socks!

Pretty all over

Ahhh, a Saturday to myself. Nothing to do (well, in relative terms- no errands, no work, just shopping at will) but take some pics and upload what I've been up to.

What have I been up to? Well, we've got this little committee at work for our upcoming recruitment efforts. We're trying to shake things up by getting better recruits in and then keeping them on staff. (Novel idea, I know). So part of this undertaking is to make a movie about work and what makes it so neat to come here. Making a movie is hard, dirty, boring and plain unappealing to me. While I am creative, good at using resources and a hard worker, I am not an actor or a director. I could be a producer, perhaps- I'm good at saying what works and what doesn't, what might be better and such, but I am not one who wants to be involved in every nitty gritty decision. And that's what the filming stuff has been like. Going to every damn park in the city to film, doing voiceovers and interviews, choosing music and working with others on things that they have a very different opinion of, and working with those who choose not to work at all. #$%^&^%#@$ is the approximate term for the latter part of that last statement. You don't sign up for committees not to help or put your ass on the line to get something done. I'm sorry if you didn't sleep well, or its your weekend. I went to bed at four and was all pretty at work by eleven, on the first day of my weekend. I worked ten hours of ovetime on my first two days of my weekend, after at least a 40-hour work week. So I don't care what your excuse is, because I'm tired of doing all your work. At least we've got some pretty things to show for it. What's nice about doing things like this is that I get to play with my camera and take pictures of the city in places I normally wouldn't be.
Like this:
And this:
And this:
And don't forget mother goose:. I'm obsessed with giant geese. I don't know why. Probably 'cause I'm really short, so they're almost as big as I am. They just crack me up.

What's new in knitting? Well, I uploaded an old FO. It's a two-cable scarf from the original debbie bliss alpaca silk. It's soooooft. I finally steam-blocked it some to get it flat (it was curling pretty bad). I love this yarn like a fat child loves cake! In fact, this could be considered the cake of yarns, since it's rich, thick, colorful and soooo pleasing on the inside. Part of the reason I uploaded it is that I need more ideas on what to do with the four balls I bought in the lovely lavender color in the last post. I'm thinking scarf, but I'm at a loss for patterns. Help?

The sock is still in progress. I had to rip it all back, my gauge was frighteningly huge. But, it has survived and is currently just past the cuff, about thre inches or so in length. I casted on using the two circs method (okay, what I think is the method, I never read the book, just un-vented it, as Elizabeth Zimmermann would say). This time a 56-stitch cast on, not 68 as the old pattern called for. Yeah, much, much better. What's interesting is that the sock colors are pooling up, either because of my wonky cast-on method, or the default smaller circumfrence from less stitches. It's kind of cool, but very odd, since the old sock was so perfectly stripey. It's literally a whole new sock!

Now to shower and enjoy the sunshine. Mmm, sunshine!
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Gold Medal Friend

Well, I didn't get the gold medal. Hell, I didn't even come close. You could consider it a swatch without a reason. My LYS gal, who is just the friendliest ever, suggested to felt the hell out of it and make it the front of a bag. Hmm. Wheels turning.

Well, I didn't get out of the store empty handed. Oops. Yeah, that's Debbie Bliss alpaca silk in "i can't believe I bought purple" lavender. This yarn is regarded as what I think knitting a cloud and marshmallow's bastard child would be. Soft and squiiiiishy.See what I mean? I may request to be buried in or with it. I used the rest of the red I had to make a thank-you neckwarmer scarf for a good friend who did an outstanding job of helping clean our apartment. You may thussly ogle the alpaca silk in it's rare "FO" form. and here you can almost touch the super soft love that this yarn produces naturally: I really liked this project. It took a ball and a quarter of the yarn, and I had a hard time giving it up. I have this want to make things for people, and then I get really anxious about whether or not they will like them, then I totally ditch the project, sometimes midway through. I'm not sure why, probably too many blog horror stories about the "FO That Went Wrong"!

Now don't think I am just a sucker because the sales gal told me they had new colorways, because I did come there for a reason. I did need needles, two clover sz 3 circs for the sock. DPNs were frustrating me. I can use them, but they were just not transport and sit-down and knit friendly. Socks do indeed soar on two circs. Look, I turned a heel! . I am so loving the knitpicks yarn. I love the colorway. I love the feel. I love the sweet, sweet ladder-free stockinette that has magically flowed from my hands. The color is best in the heel shot, it's almost right on target.

Okay, bedtime! After I look at a few good scarf patterns....
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(no subject)

Hmm. The knit olympics is winding down, and I've got little to show for it! I think this is the year that I fall and don't make the podium stand, like so many other athletes. Witness:
WIPs 003
Here we have the progress of Lady Eleanor. She's been sitting alone since I made a mistake on the side. It's not a fatal mistake, I just got tired and didn't want to fix it. You can see it here. WIPs 004 See, I forgot a last repeat of the side, making pickup of stitches for the right hand triangle impossible without just putting one in the space and picking up stitches the wrong way. Esentially, making up a triangle as I go. Yeah, not for me. It didn't help that I discovered this on the same night I was fighting with the computer. Yeah. Now you see!

Well, since I haven't been doing my olympic knitting, what have I been doing? Well, see for yourself. I've balled up some KnitPicks merino sock yarn and have managed to get half a sock out of it. This yarn is sooo soft, I can't wait to finish this sock. WIPs 001 Then, I wanted to thank a friend for doing such a good job at helping me clean my apartment, so I found the Odessa pattern online and then found this to go with it.WIPs 005 It's Arcadia, an 80/20 mix of cotton and angora. It's really soft. But awful hard to photograph! WIPs 007 Sadly, that was the best one. The color is darker and closer to true color in the first pic. I hope the beads fit. I think they will. Wish me luck!
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I hate everything

Dear technology:

Here is a list of things that you have not made my life better at as of yet. Please refer to this list, as I have referred to your numerous help options, guides, referrals and ultimately, begging and pleading, to which you (amazingly) have not given in to. Please know that your insubordination on these parts may lead to said technology being thrown off the balcony in favor of better, more loving technology. Just a warning.

1. When part of the laptop decides to die, it needs to be more than 1 year old, or have something to do with being dropped, lack of driver maintenance, fluids, malificent spyware/viruses, etc. Not just because it does. And certainly not an important part like, oh, the CD-DVD drive, which is needed for EVERYTHING.
2. When said part dies, it must be easier to fix. Not just welded into the casing for some unknown reason.
3. When you have two products that were "born to be together" as the ipod and itunes are, they should really learn to get along together. Or at least be on speaking terms. At the very least, recognize each other out of sheer implicitness. The failure to do so is just embarassing.
4. Speaking of "getting along", when new apparatuses (apparati?) are introduced, play nice and just let them install. No freezing.
5. I have a laptop cooler on ALL THE TIME because of the freezing, so you aren't cold, dammit. So quit acting like it.
6. Anti-virus software should be easy to remove and use. However, removing the spyware and viruses are proving easier than this. Why, Norton, why?
7. If Microsoft Anti-Spyware can run in the backround all nicely by itself, why can't Norton? Why does it hoarde system resources like so much candy and gold?
8. HP you're on the list too. Printers need to be installed once. Not attempting to re-configure every time the mouse moves. If it re-configured on start up, and nothing has been printed, I'm pretty sure re-configuring will yield the same result.
9. iHOME alarm clock is off the list as it decided to play nice with the ipod, which has been cleared of all music in a vain attempt to play nice with itunes. Ipod, which cannot be used to make the iHOME play to its full extent is so very much on the list (see #3)
10. Would it kill the alarm clock manufacturers to include a 24-hour clock? Seriously, folks!
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Lovely ladies, come along and join us....
We are many! While there's over 4,000 of us for the knit olympics on Harlot's website, there's not even half registered here, on frappr! Get with it, peoples!
Check out our Frappr!
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Well, here's how it came down: I just couldn't bear the price of Noro. And I had some Cascade 220 to use- I thought it was going to work for a bolero, but the gauge was off, so I bought some more in a close colorway. Presenting: two-color Lady Eleanor! She's quite pretty, I think, in her greys and blues. I'm not going to say it's not without hard work- all those @@(*#U#)$(#* ends to weave in (I'm weaving as I go, it's just annoying to keep picking up the wrong end to knit with!) However, I'm loving her more than the other colorways already. Sweet, sweet gauge- no think and thins, no weird color pooling or transitions, and frankly, I like the feel of Cascade more (shocking!).
Here's some detail shots:

I'm using size 8 straights since I was annoyed by the circular needle getting tangled up in transport. It's a little tight, but it's working put much better when I pick up stitches:

And finally, size reference. It's sitting on the pattern book, Scarf Style, with a Nintendo DS and TiVo remote nearby.

Sigh, now it's back to work this week. Down to one hour a day of actual knitting. *cry*
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