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Giving Back To The Universe [05 Dec 2010|11:40pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Giving Back To The UniverseCollapse )
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Pasties Tutorial [18 Aug 2010|10:20am]

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Pasties! [16 Aug 2010|10:18am]
My birfday and party is next week so I thought to make pasties as party favors to my guests. I made 20 pasties and those heffas bedda 'preciate 'em too cuz I burnt my fingers COUNTLESS of times from the hot glue, UGH! But the results are FABULOUS! Thx to the homie Shadda for helpin a sista out into the wee hours in the mornin'...

MOAR!...Collapse )
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TRUF! [15 Feb 2010|07:10pm]
The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.
-Carl Jung

Twitchin' [08 Feb 2010|01:36pm]
Symptoms of a Crochet Addict

i love this photo of brothaman!

- You’re proud to be called a “hooker”.

- You have a room for your yarn, not a shelf or a draw, you have an entire room.

- When someone greets you they start off by say, “What are you knitting? (<-- UGH! folks need to learn the difference between crocheting vs knitting. That's my pet peeve!!)

- You have more crochet hooks and patterns than you can count or will ever use.

- You have a designated crochet bag that you carry projects in, and the bag isn’t small.

- You always keep a crochet project in your car or at work, just in case you have some down time.

- Your hands get fidgety when you go a day without crocheting (as if you would ever do that). (<-- like seriously, i be feenin' like a crackhead with the jitters! LOL!)

- You have a play list of music or movies that’s called, “Play While Crocheting”.

- You memorized when the major yarn stores have discounts and coupons.

- You crochet with things other than yarn, such as plastic bags, cassette tape, duck tape, t-shirts, etc.

- You’ve learned to die yarn with Kool-aid and spin yarn out of your pet’s hair.

- You wear one of those necklace medallions that cuts your yarn for you.

- Your number of WIPs (works in progress) and UFOs (unfinished objects) keeps multiplying, and you blame it on yourSELF! cat/dog/spouse.

- You are crocheting while reading this post.

And I'll add...

- You crochet at work, church, doctor's office, etc. ANY PLACE wit excessive down time and sitting! (YES MA'AM YES GUR!)

Taken from Crochet Spot
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Quote of the Day [12 Jan 2010|04:31pm]
Masturbation is like procrastination... it feels good at first, but in the end you're only fucking yourself.

... ain't dat da truf!
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I'm The Greatest [08 Jan 2010|12:52pm]
Ok, my friends pointed out to me that this heffa has been shoppin at Keena's Closet...

She's rockin the african beaded bangles like me, she got the peacock feather, waistbeads around her neck AND a crocheted purse cuz ya'll know i'm a hooka. Lastly she has faux locs, but ya'll know mines are real. Yo, this is bananas!!! LOL!
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Teach The Babies [05 Jan 2010|02:02pm]

While it was slow at work over the holidays, i taught my co-worker's 2 daughters (aged 8 & 10) how to crochet. Omg, those girls were fast learners! I taught them how to do basic stitches, increase, and how to crochet a flower daisy. Those lil ladies were determined and did not give up. The youngest one already started on making a scarf for her cousin who's going through chemotherapy. I thought that was so sweet! I honestly didn't think i had it in me to be a good teacher like i was. They enjoyed everything i taught them and did it enthusiastically. First time for everything, righ?
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Afrikan Wreath Tutorial [25 Dec 2009|11:34am]

Afrikan Wreath TutorialCollapse )
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I Like It My Way [24 Dec 2009|11:49pm]
[ mood | my throat hurts! ]

MY WAYCollapse )
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Black African Christmas? [05 Dec 2009|03:33pm]
[ mood | Recovering from a cold ]

I'm the LEAST person to celebrate holidays. I don't like it. The mall craziness, store crowds, greed, cheesiness, and the BAH HUM BUG list goes on. However for some reason this year i've been a lil bit more light hearted about it, likely cuz i know that i can make it MINE in my own way.

For start, i think i'm gunna make me an African fabric wreath. I won't be surprised if i'm late making it, like on the week OF christmas, however knowing me, i'll keep that sucka up for months to come to keep on representing!! Plus i need to find some good music to put together my own "Christmas Soul" cd. Please no Mariah Carey and Destiny Child, i'm SO tired of their christmas songs. So far all i have is Donell Jones (as seen in my "music" status above) and Donny Hathaway :( .

I've also been brainstorming ways on how to make homemade gifts for my co-workers. Iono if they'll buy me anything this year, however for the past 4 years they have and the least thing i can do is make them something. Since the last gift giving was a success why not again? What i have in mind is making them some handmade soaps and some crochet facial scrubbies... basically bath/shower goodies... most women like that, right? And it's fairly easy and inexpensive to make.

I've been crocheting alot and i have many things to share, however i need to get my ish in order. I've been rearranging my place cuz i'm finally getting furniture. I've been here for almost 2 years and it still hasn't felt like "home" cuz things aren't how i like/imagine it. I'm slowly getting there though. And the best part is that i'm doing it all inexpensively. I got a lovely computer desk offa craigslist for $35 and saw a store ad on craigslist as well for a black high table with stools for only $100! Can't beat that! Last thing i need is a small couch and i'll be set!
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Celebrating Birfdays [15 Nov 2009|09:26pm]
[ mood | sad ]

The Price is Right!!!Collapse )
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First Crochet Pattern [16 Mar 2009|10:39am]
[ mood | hopeful ]


Level: Beginner/Easy
Gauge: NONE!!
Hook Size: Optional. I used hook size "J"
Yarn: Any that you like. Just keep in mind, thicker the yarn, bigger the hook size you'll need to use and the bigger your chain will look
Note: This pattern you can easily improvise to your liking, have fun testing it in various sizes. The bigger the better, honey! To get the round like appearance of each chain, use your fingers to curl in the edges of the finished link. Some people stuff it with batting then sew each link closed, but that's too much work!


First Link

Round 1: Chain 25 stitches then slip stitch to close. Single crochet (SC) in each stitch.

Round 2: Once you've completed your first round of SC, DC (double crochet) in the next stitch & every stitch until you've made 4 rows (or however many rows you desire). End off.

2nd Link

Chain 25, but don't slip stitch to close yet.
Insert the chain into the previous completed link, then slip stitch to close. SC in each stitch then repeat Round 2.

Repeat the "2nd Link" step until you have as many links as you desire.

Closing Link

Once you get to create your closing link, take the 2 ending links of the chain and repeat the "2nd Link" step by inserting the chain through both of the 2 ending links then slip stitching close. SC in the first row, then DC 4 rows. End Off.
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[19 Feb 2009|12:10pm]

The ORIGINAL Bling! [29 Dec 2008|09:44pm]
Gimme some jelly cuz i'm on a roll!! *rimshot*

Cowrie shell rings coming soon for divas with chubby fingers like me (ring size 9-13)...
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Who Would've Ever Thunk It?! [23 Dec 2008|06:33pm]
My Store has only been up for lil over a week and already half of my stuff is gone *doh*. I wasn't expecting this not one bit, i definitely underestimated myself (as usual =/ ) .

Been drawing more cards for days now, made more waistbeads, and now i gotta make more earrings. I'm trying to stay encouraged and motivated with this thing. I don't wanna burn myself out, which i honestly feel like right now hand drawing all of these cards, but don't worry, i haven't given up!

In my spirit, i'm starting to feel like it's finally time to actually start selling some Cut and Sewn garments. I got 3 styles in mind.

This year i've overcome many of my fears and i'm ready to tackle more. Believe it or not, making clothes is the biggest one because I've received so much praise (cuz so many folks believe in me) when i feel like i'm not even worthy of it all at times. Then i think about all of those "fashion designers" out there who are making cake creating things that aren't really that original. I ain't coming off as "Better Than Thou", but i look at them and think, "Psssh, if THEY can do it, certainly I can!"

It feels good knowing that i'm already on the right track with my state of mind of finally doing my life purpose.
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Craft Fair= Success!!! [04 Dec 2008|11:14am]

My first craft fair went well. I'm very proud of myself. I received alot of positive feedback and sold one or some of each item. I was only selling earrings, feather hair clips, waistbeads and my hand made cards. The shaky thing about craft fairs is that you gotta know and remember what kinda crowd is gunna be there. I was the youngest person there among the 8 vendors and i was selling at a workplace where folks were 40+ and white. Kinda tough for an afrocentric sista like me, however i never judge my potential customers.

CRAFT FAIRCollapse )
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[30 Jul 2008|04:17pm]

- Sark "Succulent Wild Woman"

My Clothing Labels! [16 Jan 2008|06:27am]
Yay! Thx to Tanasha aka feenin for editing the graphic. Thx to Harriet's Alter Ego for the flyy connection. Thx to Emily for making the labels. Thx to God for giving me my bangin' body!! lol

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Color Me Mine: Ceramic Painting [15 Jan 2008|02:56pm]
Last month in December me and my friend went to this cool spot called Color Me Mine. I thought that this would be interesting to do together because he's far from being "artsy". Nonetheless it was relaxing and fun and he enjoyed himself.
I have experience in ceramics, so this was right up my alley...

Freedom painting a cup...

Color Me MineCollapse )
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