First Crochet Pattern


Level: Beginner/Easy
Gauge: NONE!!
Hook Size: Optional. I used hook size "J"
Yarn: Any that you like. Just keep in mind, thicker the yarn, bigger the hook size you'll need to use and the bigger your chain will look
Note: This pattern you can easily improvise to your liking, have fun testing it in various sizes. The bigger the better, honey! To get the round like appearance of each chain, use your fingers to curl in the edges of the finished link. Some people stuff it with batting then sew each link closed, but that's too much work!


First Link

Round 1: Chain 25 stitches then slip stitch to close. Single crochet (SC) in each stitch.

Round 2: Once you've completed your first round of SC, DC (double crochet) in the next stitch & every stitch until you've made 4 rows (or however many rows you desire). End off.

2nd Link

Chain 25, but don't slip stitch to close yet.
Insert the chain into the previous completed link, then slip stitch to close. SC in each stitch then repeat Round 2.

Repeat the "2nd Link" step until you have as many links as you desire.

Closing Link

Once you get to create your closing link, take the 2 ending links of the chain and repeat the "2nd Link" step by inserting the chain through both of the 2 ending links then slip stitching close. SC in the first row, then DC 4 rows. End Off.