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16 May
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waiting 5 months for the RENT movie to come out is love <33

abercrombie and fitch is love
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Rocky Horror Picture Show is Love.

Frank-N-Furter is Seductive Love.


Faeries are Love.


Old School Nickelodeon Is Ultimate Love

Not Another Teen Movie is spoof love.

by this_is_fucked

Avenue Q is Love

Matt Caplan is Love

Vegetarians are Love

Jeremy Kushnier is L O V E

Cary Shields is L O V E

abercrombie is love

Stewie is Diabolical Love

Broadway is love.</center>

John Tartaglia is Love.

The Original Broadway Cast of Rent is Love.

mo rocca is love
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coach is love
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Barrett and John are Love

Anthony Rapp is Love

Michael Ian Black is Love.
by floridagirl1025

Defying Gravity is Love

Degrassi is dramatic Love
by xcurieux

Dane Cook is Hilarious Love

13 is Love

Friends is Love

Dance is Love

Boy Meets World is TGIF Love.

by spicymagee

SUMMER 2oO5 -->> tigers + cougars // the final summer.

suite 634, i love you girls. i don't know what i'd do without you at bunk time.... and to think its only been 2 weeks together.

THE SEVEN, you guys are still too amazing. it may not be the same, but i still love all of you to death

Raft Two // Slackerz Select // WEA Crew = i love my weekends more than anything. thanks for some crazy times. have no fear... we still got 2 WEAs left :)

oceans of tears
raindrops of regret
so much to treasure
so much u wish you could forget

just when you think your out there on your own
you see yourself in someone elses eyes
and if they told you you could never love yourself
it was a lie
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