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_kaypoo's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[February 10th, 2005 ♥ 7:36am ]]
[ mood | happy ]




I LOVE TAY - BFFFL <333        





[February 9th, 2005 ♥ 9:27am ]]
[ mood | tired ]

well lets see- this weekend-
Friday - i stayed home and hung out with my lil sista
Saturday-i went to jakkis house.and hung out with emily&jakki got pizza.then we walked 2 circle  K.aha i busted
ass!wow it was G-R-E-A-T..then we meet up with brando+.gilber+gunner+we all came back to jakkis house.Then Supposiovly i was "feeling all up on brandon" witch i wasnt(emily+Jakki kno what i was tryin 2 do.lmao =D )then they left.we went+stayed the night @ eli's house.omfg wow Good times!whoa.=)thx eli ur the best!(thx 4 takin care of me.ahaha =)BFFL then we went back 2 Jakki's hung out.got ready we walked to james. ugh w/e...
This Week-monday i dont remember.Tuesday-FCAT writes EASY!=) then talked to tay .hes really nice=)then today i went 2 frankies and hung out w. Kayvan+frankie.Played B-Ball(tried positions.lmao)i think miss. erica should go out with kayvan=)hes nice.DO IT ERICA!L0L =) <33 then came home ate(like always.lmao)then talked to tay and imma get in the shower now.well  update later =) <3333 Kayla
Comment Please =)
Tay + Kay = BFFL
Erica + Kayla = BFFL =)


much happier now [February 3rd, 2005 ♥ 11:26pm ]]
[ mood | thankful ]

yay!my grandparents took temperary custidy of my lil sister till my mom gets straighten'd out(isnt gunna happen)or they find a better home for her =l ugh
but its wierd having her here like having to take care of her she runs to me
for everything!lol.but its all good.since im always going to be there for her
well im going to go because im on the phone with THE man(my lover)a.k.a marc
lol. well ill update later <33 midg

Amizzle-ily thx 4 bein here for me.BFFL
Duck-Thx For everything ;D BFFL <333333


[February 2nd, 2005 ♥ 9:57pm ]]
[ mood | stressed ]

today-woke up @ 8 went 2 the doctors.i have exima(sp?)so now they are trying 2 figure out what i am illergic 2.lol.went 2 McDonalds then came to skool like 4th period.gave kelly food.=)<33then went to this math help thinger?came home.Then.... my mom got kicked outta rehab because she came back high off of crack and drunk.they took my lil sister away.shes either going to foaster care or to our family friend robins house(she lives in my neighborhood!i would love that!)going to court soon were pretty sure they are going to take away her parental rites.ha i would feel like complete shit if i was her she lost all 4 of her kids.but no she doesnt care*rolls eyes* i have no idea were my mom is 2 tell u the.i dont care anymore.im done with her lies excuse&all the shit shes put me threw.im so pissed at her.wow.but im scared for my lil sister shes like my life!

thank you to ya'll that has here 4 me =) i love ya'll

Duck&mouse-bffl ily thx 4 everything im so glad i have u as a best friend
gilly-thx so much ur such a nice person im glad we worked everything out.ur awesome BFFL


HEY GUYS THIS IS CANDICE [January 31st, 2005 ♥ 9:39pm ]]
hey what up pimpins? lol ... dont ask why im makin this entry i just feel like it! i fixed it for you kayla! well lets try and get kayla 100 comments! lol ....

x0x *PimPin Candii* Candii and Kayla = S/f Best Friends!*

[January 31st, 2005 ♥ 9:18am ]]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Today wasn't that great of a day.I was sad
most of the day . Today is my mom's b-day
i hate her b-day . Because it just reminds
me of when my sister passed out on the bus
and she had to go to HBS and she tried to
kill herself.and she came after me with a
knife.and a mashety =l Hmm i miss her soo
much only a year till she will be out my
mom is still in rehab.she O.D for cocaine
AGAIN.crack whore *rolls eyes* kelly know
how much i hate her.0oh well i have many
reasons to.but when ever im done bitchin
ill update later <333333333333333333333

Duck & Mouse - BFFL


[January 30th, 2005 ♥ 9:20am ]]
[ mood | hung over ]

last night - i went to the movies with nicki.brett.amanda.katie.andy <33 & ppl.i had fun =)im so glad im talking 2 andy.so now things r bak 2 normal with us.=D idk whats going on with me a gilbert though.i talked 2 him last night i just dont remember what i said.wow.its makin me mad b.c i dont kno if i passed out or hung up&we called a bunch of ppl((me&kelly))&we played a drinking game it was fun ;D . so we woke up&amy called it was great shes like were yall a lil messed up i was like howd you kno.shes like you left a really wierd message on my machine.then went to burger king.came home and chilled well not imma go and get in the shower ;D <333333333


i love andy =D


At Kellys ;D BFFL [January 28th, 2005 ♥ 11:28pm ]]
[ mood | annoyed ]

yesterday-aha in history i was trying to copy heathers paper on a quiz and i put it in the wrong place&got them all wrong so heather decided 2 tell the whole class.lol.every1 else got them pretty much all right but me.im going 2 miss ashwee.till next monday grr.but she got nicki 2 say "any1 seen kayla"lmao.in lunch the day b4.i couldnt breath WOW.<333

well today-skool((gay)) gilbert came 2 school 2 meet me today.we got in this big argument so were not friends anymore now he is calling me a slut&shit but what ever i don't need him =l-came home went to kellys.we went 2 her b-ball game((42-10))sad kellys team didnt even try &they killed them!lol.then argued with gilbert w/e...tommy called me.went out&hung out with Duck.nicki.BJ.Sean& marc there so koool.aha when we got there i thought marc was drunk.we went 2 beachside&we were going 2 go on the beach.but there was no beach alll water.walked 2  711 drove around.got pulled over.kelly was flipping out-4 ppl in the beackseat no seat belts on.we were suppost 2 be @ Keanna.Then he thought marc was drinking or sonin.idk then i came home talked to wonderful elisabeth ;D i love her. then.gilbert apologized but i said no i wasnt ready to be his friend.lol.Then i talked to andy!!!omg that made me so happy.that were talking again.i miss that kid alot.he makes me really happy =).he told me 2 call him tomarrow. i wanna see him but he is grounded now =l 0oh well its all good =).well imma go hang out with Kelly more i'll update later!     

  • comment please <33

Duck & Mouse - BFFL

Ashley & Kayla - BFFL - smarties-eyeliner-drolls-any1 seem kayla?! lmao i <33 you


[January 8th, 2005 ♥ 5:49pm ]]

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