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this week was good

mostly went to the fields this week.

monday-i was runnin 2 give ashley a hug bye&carissa but her leg out&i like flew kelly was like i always wanted 2 see a midget fly.lmao

then today-me&amy ran for breast cancer.lmao.it was great&me& amy were standin on a bench but like the top&we were tryin 2 balance on 1 leg&she BUSTED!omg wow i laughed 2 hard.we talked in this tunnel thing about some stuff but tomarrow im going 2 her house kinda 4 like her birthday&were goin shoppin after skool ;D it'll be fun! <3 then me and brittany are butt butters.l0l.b/c we came 2 a conc.that we don't have a ass.so were like hells yeah BB 2 that.aha it was great.her purfume spilt all in her purse.aha <3

Then Saturday im going to Krissys b-day <3 ;D Geez lifes good =)

Brittany&Kayla=Butt butter best frineds for life. (bb bffl) <3

comment <3

Need Help with a new Lay out <333
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