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last night-i went to the fields again. Michelle.Candice.RL.Bianca.Chase.Gilbert.Britt
veronica.stephine.emily.Jon.Niko.eli.Frankie.Gunner.Brittini.Bryan.Joe.Amanda.RISSANATOR! Kat.Chris.and i dont remember who else.l0l. but they were all there.it was great me and stephine walked to the Y to go see emily...and i seen gunners mom.wow[scared] l0l.then we saw james.omg.wow.his car stopped and was like you want a ride and then the guy behind him was like peeling out.then the 2 cars behind him were like no ride with us.it was great.l0l.then we walked back and just hung out.well imma get ready for school b/c i just woke up! <333

Pimp masta Kayla + Hooker on the corner = BFFL <3 ily
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