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today was so fun.i woke up at like 8:45 and got ready to go to Daytona Lagoon went and then we went and walked down the board walk.saw all these cheerleaders.then we walked back to daytona lagoon met up with miranda E and alex.maranda R.Kaylee.then we all walked to burger king.wow we walked in there and every1 like stared at us.so we walked out (b/c we were only in our bathing suit)but then we walked back in&every1 was still starin at usit was great.then we walked to ocean walk.went back 2 Daytona lagoon met us with Crystal.alexis.lauren.layed out.then me&miranda&alex&rory walked over to ocean walk b/c crystal lauren&devin were over there.then we went in maui nix.kristina was there =) i got this really cute bathing suit.its corona... its black with pink words and like the trim is pink too.i love it.then walked back over and niko.chasity.jon. stephine.tyler.cheire were there.dang i miss cheire.so me and her layed out.went on slides lazy river.and the wave pool.i<3it on the float it was so fun!then we walked on the beach and then ricky(maranda R b/f)came.shes so funny.it was great alexis like fell threw the chair.omg it was GREAT.b/c we were layin out&she put tanning stuff on my back & arms and stuff b/c i undid my top&i couldn't and she busted ass.omg it was great. then my g-ma picked up me&jakki&we went out 2 dinner.then took her home.layed down b/c im really tierd.talk 2 amy.jakki.emily.andy and people.well im going to bed now b/c im probly going to do something w/ jakki 2marrow.well try 2 b/c im still grounded...

comment bitchs!!! <33
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