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today was alright.skool was gay.but after school.i hung out with marc.jakki.amanda.brett.omg wow GTGT.   then i came home i talked to amizzle of corse!...aha we're such mean rediculous kids...
Amy:your so immature
emily:yeah im immature IM STILL A KID
Amy:a kid that sucks every dick in town ...ROFL...                                                                                     [but yeah i cant stand her as of rite now[rolls eyes]

me&andy are tight again we talked about a bunch of shit.i can't wait till next year b.c i'll see him like everyday!(excited)((and ill see amy everyday ;D)) but i hope something happens between us again<33

well imma go update when i can                          <33 Kay


Amizzle&Kaypoo=BFFL!!! ily

I Love Andrew Scott Brown

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