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im grounded!for a long ass time.Alot of shit has happened latly.
my g-parents said they dont want me2 live with them anymore and shit so i left then they called every1 in my phone book&shit&some little fucking bitch told my g-ma that i am a dealer,pot head,pill popper, slut,i sneek out everynight 2 go 2 guys house&i do shit with them everynight,i sleept @ nicks house,Gunners&a whole bunch of bullshit my g-parents wont talk 2 me anymore.w/e and IDK then me&gunner got into a big fight.we both said someshit.we made up&NOW he if fucking going out with stephine speck((rolls eyes))w/e.not gunna start...then me and emily got in a big one i was ready to kill her literly.then i chilled out.relized some1 i care about alot.doesnt give a flying fuck about me.w/e anyways

i went to creeks open house&i saw jess!i was so glad 2 see her&2 get outta my house! but yeah then

today marc came 2 my skool 2day i was happy 2 see him.

well imma go update much later </3
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