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Friday-hung out at the park with nicki.jakki.sean.Adam&ppl.went to kellys.went 2 jakkis &her g-ma took us 2 nicks house&i got SOOOO drunk l've never been so drunk in my life. i cant remember what happened&i passed out&i threw up all over louis.aha.dom came& picked up nicki,kelly&left me&Jakki there&nick lives out in the fucking boonies.

Saturday-me&Jakki walked from the boonies back 2 Kellys house(omg we went 2 target&i got a straighter that i didnt even need.then we got ready.went to ashleys b-day then we went 2 gunners for the night& hung out with Gunner.Tom.Tay.Bryan.Amy.Jakki.Joe.Brandon. Gilbert.Bob.Kayleigh.Amber& Kelly.Nicki.i think thats it?

Sunday-we walked back 2 Jakki.i feel asleep while she was in the shower.then me&Jakki picked up rissa.we went 2 bells.long walk.lol.amy came over we got ready 4 gunners.went 2 Wallmart!!omg i was trippin out.wow&then Jessica E.kept calling&it was amys phone&i didnt kno how 2 turn her ringer off.b.c every1 was sleepin so i kept hanging it up&then when i woke up in the mornin she left a message sayin she was gunna kick my ass and they were gunna come find me so they could beat my head until it was gushing blood?it was wierd.but w/e

monday-i woke up @ gunners&i wanted to come home&Jakki didnt so i left&i told my g-ma 2 pick me up in 10 min.and she got b4 i did&jakki told her g-ma that we were stayin @ my moms house&im not aloud 2 see my mom.holly shit my g-ma was PISSED but she still is. lol.so now im grounded i guess?yeah since they took my house phone&cell phone away.but w/e lol... ill update later

Thx chris for takin care of me on friday!ily
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