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Today Sucked!

1st-did nothing
2nd-got a referal
3rd-had 2 go 2 the office 4 my dress code
4th-in the locker room!
wow-i walked in there and caitlyn like felt my stom.&i was like get the fuck off of me chealsea O'Brian is telling every1 the im pregnent and all this bullshit that isnt even tru.so i was ready 2 beat her ass.So i went in her face like screamin (ashley was like damn kayla!lol <33) then i went 2 go stick her in her face&Couch Grace pulled my arms behind my back.i like flung my arms&hit her&then i told her 2 get the fuck off of me.then went 2 p.e&didnt do anything
5th-went to the office b.c chealseas pussy ass told.stupied fucking bitch ughhh
6th-Didn't Feel Good.So i did like nothing
7th-Talked&Toni Gave me a musauge(sp?)

2marrow Is Ashley Gallimores Birthday!!!! Whoot Whoot BFFL <33

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