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_kaypoo's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[March 14th, 2005 ♥ 9:45am ]]
[ mood | peaceful ]

i miss my friend by Darryl Worley is your 1st love song
your 1st love started out as a friendship and was one of the best relationships you ever had. its hard letting go of this person but its even harder knowing you lost a friendship too.

what country song reminds you of your 1st love?

(i took krissys pole thing so i decided i would put it in here.well imma
go lay out & fall asleep in the sun or something ill update later)<3 ya


wow my mom is a DUMBASS!!!!!! [March 14th, 2005 ♥ 5:42pm ]]
[ mood | shocked ]

wow literly my mom is a fucking IDIOT! seriously.she is/was trying to get her kid back [ not me my,my little sister ] and today she ditched me AGAIN suprize suprize and went and got drunk.and she ran into this statue thing.and she went to jail.fucking idiot i swear l0l. well i just had to say that! <333 Kayla


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