February 13th, 2005

whoa Fun weekend!

i just woke up im gunna be late 4 skoool but imma update this bitch <33

Friday-went 2 Jakkis house.hung out with her 4 awhile.then we walked 2 kellys house.(nicki was there 2)ate Dinner. Walked 2 Circle K.Walked 2 Wallmart met up with Gunner.Devin.Kyle.Wesly.Kenna.0mg Kyle was so high wow.then  anthony nicki & Loius picked us up.got drunk.took Nicki&Kelly Home.me and Jakki stayed the night there.

Saturday-went back 2 Jakkis house.hung out there.we went on a date!it was great&eli was there&we walked pass him like 4 times but i didn't see him.L0L.walked 2 publix 4 sonin.(lmao Jakki)walked home got ready.Amy&Gunner meet us half way!they called me&i was rite in front of them.aha.then we went back 2 gunners.i had this awesome outfit on(it was gunners)Then Bob Drove us 2 wallmart.it was pointless b.c we didnt kno why we went there.then we walked to eli's 4 a min.then (mom i have coke!LMAO) bak 2 gunners 4 a lil bit hung out with tom.tay.brandon.bryan.bob for a lil bit.then bryan drove me,Jakki,gunner,amy bak 2 Jakki's house.we stayed there 4 the night&whoa Great times Great Times!thats all i gotta say

Sunday-me,Amy,Jakki,Gunner went bak 2 gunners house.4 a lil (woke tom up!=D)gunner wanted 2 go surfin so me amy n jakki walked to McDonalds soooo hungry.Amy&Emily got into it.but there good now.then Amy walked home.me and Jakki went to K-mart and meet my mom drove around beachside,stewert marchman,then went bak 2 jakkis house ate dinner&went home

Happy Valentines day! ((Natalia & Jakki are my valentines!)) <33 BFFL


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