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_kaypoo's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[February 9th, 2005 ♥ 9:27am ]]
[ mood | tired ]

well lets see- this weekend-
Friday - i stayed home and hung out with my lil sista
Saturday-i went to jakkis house.and hung out with emily&jakki got pizza.then we walked 2 circle  K.aha i busted
ass!wow it was G-R-E-A-T..then we meet up with brando+.gilber+gunner+we all came back to jakkis house.Then Supposiovly i was "feeling all up on brandon" witch i wasnt(emily+Jakki kno what i was tryin 2 do.lmao =D )then they left.we went+stayed the night @ eli's house.omfg wow Good times!whoa.=)thx eli ur the best!(thx 4 takin care of me.ahaha =)BFFL then we went back 2 Jakki's hung out.got ready we walked to james. ugh w/e...
This Week-monday i dont remember.Tuesday-FCAT writes EASY!=) then talked to tay .hes really nice=)then today i went 2 frankies and hung out w. Kayvan+frankie.Played B-Ball(tried positions.lmao)i think miss. erica should go out with kayvan=)hes nice.DO IT ERICA!L0L =) <33 then came home ate(like always.lmao)then talked to tay and imma get in the shower now.well  update later =) <3333 Kayla
Comment Please =)
Tay + Kay = BFFL
Erica + Kayla = BFFL =)


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