February 2nd, 2005

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today-woke up @ 8 went 2 the doctors.i have exima(sp?)so now they are trying 2 figure out what i am illergic 2.lol.went 2 McDonalds then came to skool like 4th period.gave kelly food.=)<33then went to this math help thinger?came home.Then.... my mom got kicked outta rehab because she came back high off of crack and drunk.they took my lil sister away.shes either going to foaster care or to our family friend robins house(she lives in my neighborhood!i would love that!)going to court soon were pretty sure they are going to take away her parental rites.ha i would feel like complete shit if i was her she lost all 4 of her kids.but no she doesnt care*rolls eyes* i have no idea were my mom is 2 tell u the.i dont care anymore.im done with her lies excuse&all the shit shes put me threw.im so pissed at her.wow.but im scared for my lil sister shes like my life!

thank you to ya'll that has here 4 me =) i love ya'll

Duck&mouse-bffl ily thx 4 everything im so glad i have u as a best friend
gilly-thx so much ur such a nice person im glad we worked everything out.ur awesome BFFL
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