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_kaypoo's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[January 30th, 2005 ♥ 9:20am ]]
[ mood | hung over ]

last night - i went to the movies with nicki.brett.amanda.katie.andy <33 & ppl.i had fun =)im so glad im talking 2 andy.so now things r bak 2 normal with us.=D idk whats going on with me a gilbert though.i talked 2 him last night i just dont remember what i said.wow.its makin me mad b.c i dont kno if i passed out or hung up&we called a bunch of ppl((me&kelly))&we played a drinking game it was fun ;D . so we woke up&amy called it was great shes like were yall a lil messed up i was like howd you kno.shes like you left a really wierd message on my machine.then went to burger king.came home and chilled well not imma go and get in the shower ;D <333333333


i love andy =D


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