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каштановый рай
тест на фрэндов.. 
28 09 06

Your LJ Perfect Date
LJ Username
Choose a random word
Your Perfect Date horribleelf
You have dinner at your date's place
Afterwards you smoke a cigarette
Your date asks you to dance
You say run, Forest, run!
Chance you will get lucky - 3%
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28 09 06 (UTC)
28 09 06 (UTC)
мдаа.... дурь.
30 09 06 (UTC)
ну а чо ты хотел)))))
30 09 06 (UTC) - Супер))))
вот так вот
30 09 06 (UTC) - Люблю Тебя!
Из-за ограничения в макс кол-ве знаков в сообщении пришлось покромсать чуток форму.

Your LJ Perfect Date
LJ Username DM
Gender male
Mood happy
Choose a random word LOVE
Your Perfect Date _katrinka_
You have dinner at a roof
Afterwards you make love
Your date asks you for your hand in marriage
You say this was the best night of my life
Chance you will get lucky - 100%
02 10 06 (UTC) - Re: Люблю Тебя!
люблю тебя!!!
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