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And then the MoMent was....GonE [entries|friends|calendar]
kAtiE _ Lynn

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( Moment was Gone)

August 11th, 2006]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Sorry Sorry

Its been like forever i know but ive been uhhh well kinda a myspace whore now lol.  If you want feel free to add me   


so i thought id show you the love of my life right now 

Aubrie Kaylin 

thats about it. hope everyones having a good summer!!!! <3

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(1 And then the Moment was Gone)

January 8th, 2006]

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BORN JAN 6 2006
10:06 PM.

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( Moment was Gone)

November 16th, 2005]
What Icons are for you?(Thank you for #1!! Please check out my other Memes!!) by ladyallie
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( Moment was Gone)

November 13th, 2005]
What is your emo band name? by spiralinghalo
Your band name is:The Falling Saturday
You sound like:My Chemical Romance
You will be signed to:Vagrant Records
Your emo lyrics are:"The stars are fading as I pass out into the neverending winter"
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( Moment was Gone)

October 26th, 2005]

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One Tree Hill
[ Tunes of the day~>|Stick wit u [ pussycat dolls]td>]

So im back in good ol Rose-D. lol

not much to really write in here just wanted to let ya'll kno im still alive, no thanks to evan and chad who decided they wanted to try and squash me on friday nite! <3 u 2 guys!

start workin back up KB soon and hopefully derek gets me the job at OPI .. thatd be awesome..

well yeah thats bout it for now..

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(1 And then the Moment was Gone)

where is ur boi tonite i HOPE he is a gentleman [Wednesday,
October 12th, 2005]

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so lets see quickie update...


woot woot. lol hopefully be outta here by sat? not sure yet cause i gotta go to court next tuesday so whooo knows...

me + steph + sarah = no good together. ;p


update on krissy. shes doing good, about 6 months a week or so ago, her tummy is gettin big!!! - im excited, we're thinking Bre is gonna wanna show herself earlier then january when she's expected .... imagine the hospital waiting room on new years with like 25 drunken teens and adults! lol

things are just changing and i couldnt be happier. hopefully it stays this way! <3

sToLe FrOm SaRaH!

If you read this, even if we do not speak often,
comment with one memory of me.
It can be anything you want, good or bad.
Just as long as it happened.

Then post this on your livejournal to see
what other people remember about you.

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(3 And then the Moment was Gone)

only god can hold me.. [Monday,
September 26th, 2005]

[ How am I feelin?
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[ Tunes of the day~>|DHT Listen to your heart]

Let me just get this out okay..

kar·ma [n.]

1. Hinduism & Buddhism.- The total effect of a person's actions and conduct during the successive phases of the person's existence, regarded as determining the person's destiny.
2. Fate; destiny.
3. Informal.- A distinctive aura, atmosphere, or feeling: There's bad karma around the house today.


jinx [n.]

1. A person or thing that is believed to bring bad luck.
2. A condition or period of bad luck that appears to have been caused by a specific person or thing.

What lesson did we learn today kiddies??? KARMA IS A BITCH. not as big one as i am of course but it is, it comes back and bites you in the ass. Now to refrain
from a lot of swearing and drama, ima give u the short version
When someone prank calls you and tells you that ur best friend and or someone u care VERY much about was in an accident , what is the first thing that goes
through your mind? well I kinda went into shock and then come to find out
it was a joke.. very very funny really. A day later i get the same phone call
only this time it came along with details of the accident and what hospital
the person was taken to.. SOMEONE JINXED IT... karma is a powerful thing i've
come to find out. bad things happen and this is proof of it. Luckily it wasnt a bad accident and he's okay. plus well he's gonna be so fucked up off of perks and volumes it aint funny. But i was scared. never been more terrified then i
was when i got both phone calls.

You see I am a very forgiving person. you have to forgive in order to move on
but no one says you have to forget. I get it was a joke, it was demented and
caused damage but it was a joke... Dont joke about it ever again.

and on a lighter note.. i completely forgot to wish KAYTI AND JOE A HAPPY 8

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