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Emotional Illuminations

.,-=/^' 片想い '^\=-,.
11 December 1985
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Over 2.5 months in Tokyo, Japan, over 50 people came to know Jesus personally and learn more about how much He loves us. God can use any kinda J-rock fan/idiot. I'm proof!

So much to put here... I love J-rock, visual kei, icon/graphic making, writing (poetry or prose), listening to music, reading, and all around being a dork.

Things I do when on the PC:
[-]Play on GaiaOnline.
[-]Take care of my Neopets.
[-]Listen to J-rock.
[-]Download, download, DOWNLOAD.

I don't bite! Chat with me any time about stuffs. =]


My date was Hora [洞] on Valentine's Day 2008.☆彡
My eglfeedback page is here