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I had such a great time last night!! Our costumes were mondo sexy especially hakkai's!! I wonder how Hakkai thought up the idea to be a prince and a princess...? And where he got that dress...?

So. We went to some club that was having a Halloween party 'n it was awesome! We drank, and then danced...I never knew dancing could be so much fun! And then.....we went outside. *grin*

We got home pretty late, though. Getting up for school today was hell... But all the kids were high on sugar anyway, so no one cared that I was half asleep all day.

private to hakkai

You are so beautiful...


Dancing so close, and then going farther than we have before outside the club...somehow all this is so exciting! I've, like, turned into a giggling schoolgirl or something! And...over another GUY!! A guy who looks damn sexy in a dress...

And who heard me called out his name while taking care of a little problem of mine in the bathroom...

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