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all about me

[i believe in free speech]

23 June
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Created by crunksuzy, who's all kindsa cool for making such lovely banners and icons.

Kali is a twenty-year-old girl who lives in the South-West of the United Kingdom.

She has been practising the Craft since she was sixteen [much to her mother's dismay].

Kali is still looking for her magickal name, but chose the goddess Kali-ma for now, because she has strong feelings when it comes to the protection of women [&people in general].

She will make personal posts occasionally, but these will be friend-locked.

Kali has a very open mind and believes strongly in free-speech.

She dislikes feels sorry for dislikes racists, homophobic attitudes and people who hurt other people. [ever mind the rule of three, for what you give comes back to thee].