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been awhile Jan. 7th, 2005 @ 11:29 pm
I have been very busy. But I finally got to the barn today. Yesterday there was a huge snow storm, I didn't even leave my house! But on Tuesday I took Lily on a 4mile jog, then today I got to ride her, she had a ton of energy, didn't want to walk at all. work with her head (she was being really fussy though!) and did lots of trotting and serpintines. then some canter work. She had so much energy she picked-up her canter from a walk once! It was awesome. She is really starting to get strong enough to slow down and relax in her canter, and wow is she comfortable!

Then Megan let me ride Amber who is Josh's main show horse who they let me show some last year. She used to seem really big to me after Mylo, but today she seemed so little! Which is a good thing to know. She hadn't been riden in a week and she was ready to go! she could barely keep two feet on the ground when I was leading her! but when I got on she was great. I worked mainly on bending in the corners and figure-eights, then on bending and using corners at her extended trot which is absolutely incredble! It feel so amazing! He canter was a little rough at frist, she likes to switch her hind-end around a lot, so you really have to lean with her in the corners to keep her on the correct lead behind. But it was really nice to ride a trained horse again! anyways, more later, I am going to sleep!!!
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fun fun fun Dec. 27th, 2004 @ 04:43 pm
new icon!! I really like this one! I haven't been to the barn since thursday, which sucks, but oh well. It rained on Thursday and I just rode bareback, Lily was being a total and complete cow! she would not set her head, nor would she even drop down and flex at the poll. she had her head in the air with her nose out the entire ride! I was ready to shoot her! GRRR but I let it go and just worked on bending and circles and figure eights, and she started to soften a little, but I only had 20min to ride, hence the riding bareback. oh well, tomarrow I will hopefully get to either long line her or drive her which would be super nice! I miss driving!!
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so sick! Dec. 22nd, 2004 @ 11:45 am
I am getting the flu, and it is a total bummer because it is right before christmas! but there isn't much I can do about it.. I went riding yesterday, and worked mostly on patterns, our figure eights are really coming together! And we worked on the line pattern, actually cantering it! oh, to explain! With the line pattern what you do is: trot down a rail, halt before the corner, turn on the forehand toward the wall, trot back down the rail, halt again before the corner, turn on the forehand toward the wall, then canter down the rail, halt before corner, turn on forehand toward the wall, canter back, halt and walk back to line-up. its a really good pattern to work on precision with. and seeing as Lily is still just learning to canter, it was really good for her.

then we went down the road (which is literally down a hill) and did sprints back up. as in extented trot in a nice fame up hill. We also cantered/galloped a little because hey, I can't help myself, I love a good gallop! The short loop (the 1mile trail) is too icey to ride on until we get more snow, which really sucks, because ring work gets old so fast! but hey, more snow will make it better. I can't wait to go to the barn today....
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my horse is brillant! Dec. 20th, 2004 @ 06:54 pm
it was freezing out today, around 10F without windchill! so I took Lily out, and she was just full of it! snorting and jumping, so I let her just run around for awhile in the ring, wow she can buck! she stiffens her front legs just like a bronc and her kind end goes soaring! so I let her get that out. then I got on bareback with just a half-cheek snaffle, because thats what I'm starting her in because she is used to it because of driving in it. She was so good! we did an almost perfect canter figure eight, transitions almost right in the center. It was so nice!! then I took her down the road and trotted back up, she was still ready to go, but I really didn't want to over do it in the cold. and damn she can rear! she went straight up twice when I was leading her, it was really cute! The second time she was pawing the air, I though she was going to go over backwards! but she didn't thank god.

I think my friend Jen might show her with me this year, she would take her in equatation seeing as I don't like eq. (patterns stress me out!) and she is a multi national eq. rider on the arab circuit with her horse Khandle in The Wind and Night Flight DC, the second of whom she and her mother want me to show. So that would be really really fun! I am so excited to show! I CAN'T WAIT!!
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clean tack! Dec. 16th, 2004 @ 05:13 pm
I had an awesome ride today! but I guess that is normal at this point, which is really nice thing. We worked a lot more on the canter, picking it up better and such. Lily was just about perfect. Her trot was awesome, really steady not only with her speed, but also with her head. As soon as I got on she softened and flexed at her poll. It was a great feeling. Then we did serpintines down the long sides, three loops, and the first two times she stopped trotting, but then she figured out she could bend and still move forward! We did canter transitions from the walk. Which were okay, I mean, awesome considering how long she's been undersaddle, but it really makes me miss Mylo, he would pick-up either lead from a halt no matter where we were or anything. aw, he was so good! Well, its okay, Lily just needs the time. Mylo hated to pick-up his canter at first. so it will get better!

Then we did lots of circles at the canter. That was really hard for her. As well it should be! But she started to get it. We did a figure eight after, and I think because the small canter circles were so hard, she was like, "wow, this is easy". she did her canter one basically perfectly. so we stopped on that note and Josh got out "shaniqua" as we call her and long-lined her behind us when we went around the short-loop. It was fun. It was a good day!

Then I came home and washed my car. Just incase anyone is wondering, it is way to cold to wash a car now. I froze my ass off!!! But then I came inside and cleaned my saddle and girth and stirrups and breatplate extremely well. They were all disgustingly dirty. I hadn't cleaned anything since before I sold Mylo at the beginning of Nov. wow! it was gross, but now it is lovely and soft and clean!. I soaped, softened, and oiled! it only took about an hour too.

If anyone reads this and you would like me to make you an icon, I would be happy to! Just leave a comment with the pictures you want, and what you want it to say/do.
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Other entries
» look at my icon!
woohoo!! I made a gorgeous icon!! It has all of my horses! Casey, my first horse, I sold in 2000, Mylo, my second horse, I sold this November, and Lily, who I just bought! Maybe, I will do a post later on each of them...
» finally
this is just what I needed! But on to my horse!
She was awesome today! it was the end of her first week under saddle. We cantered for the 3rd time. She was awesome, she actually managed to get round and raise her back. This also made her slow down and become more collected! it was so nice!!! Her trot is also much more steady. She has finally figured out how to balance me. It's really nice. She is super comfortable. I should get her a cheap barn halter, because I am so sick of never being able to find one! but oh well. I really hope Mylo's show halter fits her, I should probably check that, but the first show isn't until April, UPHA. So I do have a bit a time. I really can't wait to show! I also really need to clean my saddle, that is what I should be doing right now. Oh well. I will do it eventually...
Its nice to not have to use a martingale, its just a little piece of tack, but man, talk about less work when tacking-up. I am so lucky my saddle fits her decently. At least now. It might be nother story when she really muscles up, but at the moment I am getting off lucky! I realized today that I don't think my show bridle will fit her. Mylo had such a delicate head..oh..I miss him so much!! Okay, I need to make some nice icons for this account! and switch all my communities. woohoo!!
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