Reflections, goodbyes, and HELLOS!!

Unfortunately this entry is two days later than I'd hoped it would be, but at least it's here.

With retiring this journal, I am also retiring the year 2005. It was definitely an interesting and productive year - A year that has taught me a lot of valuable things. In 2005 the long-awaited completion of my basement bedroom was completed, and Marcelo and I have done our best to make it into a comfortable living situation. I discovered that rats make absolutely fantastic pets, and I have met and owned quite a few of them that will have lasting memories with me. I also suffered the losses of not only Lars, my chinchilla, whom I loved as if he were a true friend, but also the loss of Bailey, my Golden Retriever. Bailey provided so much joy and companionship and comfort in his nearly 12 years with me and my family, as did Lars in his short life, and I will always treasure them. I decided to really attempt to take a stronger hold on my preferred career path and favorite hobby - Dog showing and handling - and gave my all in trying to break Christian, my Border Collie, of his aggressiveness toward other dogs, and failed. However, a new blessing came into my life when I purhcased Ewan, my now 11-week old Australian Shepherd puppy, and I have nothing but the highest expectations for him in this new year. I also learned a great deal about my relationship with Marcelo, and how to make it truly work for the two of us. We have each learned important things about ourselves that can be brought into the relationship to make it more rewarding. My family life was turned absolutely upside-down, with my mom going into rehab for alcoholism as well as my aunt and my grandma moving to South Carolina so that my aunt can better deal with her MS. I made some new friends (Lyanna, Chris Arndt) and had better times I successfully completed my freshman year of college at DePaul University with a 3.2 GPA, and completed my Fall Quarter of my sophomore year of college. I know that one year from now, when my new journal is coming to an end and I am summarizing my year, that it will be even better than this one.

As far as resolutions go, my overlapping resolution is to spend more time on things that need time spent on them. I need to spend more time taking care of myself physically, taking care of my relationship, take care of my animals, take care of my house, take care of myself mentally and academically. Only time will tell how successful I will be.

So, with that, I bid this journal farewell, and I introduce to you my new journal for 2006: freudian_slip__

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Just your typical well-wishing

While I know you were all looking so forward to my Christmas update, I've no time for that now!

I'm an hour-and-a-half away from ringing in 2006, so I'm just here in Livejournal Land to wish you all a safe and happy New Year!

I hope that you all had some fond memories of 2005, and will make even more good memories in 2006!

Look for a real update from me tomorrow, as well as a new journal!

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Peace on the earth, good will to men, from Heaven's all-gracious king...

          Merry Christmas

 I  just want to take this time to say thank you to everyone who has been there for me through this last year, especially during the holiday season. A lot of things changed for me this year in terms of Christmas tradition, but, as you all said it would, things turned out just fine. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Eve and will continue to have a wonderful Christmas Day. A full Christmas update (pictures and list of presents included!) will be posted either later tonight or early tomorrow. But for now, I have to get dressed, nd then it's off to my aunt's house for Christmas dinner.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!!
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Where are you Christmas?

I'm sick and tired of being fucking disappointed by every fucking person I know.

I'm sick of no one even attempting to give a damn about the holidays except for me in this fucking house.

I'm sick of no one in this house giving a damn about ME except for ME.

You know what the problem is?

Either I'm completely unlovable, which I am, because all I do on a daily basis is piss people off, or people are just too fucking lazy to bother trying to do anything for me, because God forbid they waste their precious time on me, which is also true, because no one fuckin does SHIT around here.

And every time he tells me "I do anything you ask me to do! I would do anything for you!", I want to punch him in the face and then drive my head through a wall, because he's blind. Just blind.

Still not a single Christmas card.
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From now on our troubles will be out of sight....

Things may be looking up after all :o)

After all of my (semi-deserved) Scrooging in my last entry, things took a surprising turn for the better.


Now get this: Every year we put our ornaments away in the same box labelled "Christmas Ornaments". Well, we found the box, but there were no ornaments in it. So, after being thoroughly pissed off, my mom decided to come downstairs and look through the storage room herself. She ended up having to move a big suitcase because it was in her way, and when she picked it up, she realized it was a lot heavier than it should have been, and when she opened it, there were the ornaments!! All nicely stuffed in a couple of Santa hats, so they wouldn't break. We still aren't sure how they ended up there, but we think my grandpa may have put them there when he was here this year (my grandpa tends to rearrange things in ways that make sense to him, and should make sense to most people LoL - It's always appreciated). Either way, whoever put them there was very smart, because they were tucked in in such a way that they didn't break or get ruined in any way. So, the tree is up, and it looks beautiful, like it always does :o) I'll post pictures of it once the rest of the house is clean, so you all don't have to witness my house's dust creatures!

My mom and my sister stayed home from work and school today because they were so tired from staying up so late putting the tree up. We're going to finish cleaning at least the living room and dining room, when Marcelo gets home from work he said he's going to "clean the basement like mad", and my sister and I want to bake gingerbread cookies this evening also. It's not going to be the same without my grandma being here to help, but we still have to call her to get the recipe and we can always put her on speaker phone :D

Unfortuantely not everything is coming together as smoothly as I would like it to. As far as I'm concerned, shopping does NOT happen on Christmas Eve - We're too busy doing last-minute cleaning and getting food ready for everyone! So, there are, including today, five shopping days left. I have not bought a single thing, and neither has Marcelo, and for that matter, my mom has barely done any shopping either. And with only one car in the family, this may prove difficult. But, God willing, we'll get it all done, and Christmas Day will be absolutely wonderful.

Actually, right now I'm feeling sort of nauseous and tired, and stuffy.... I think I'm catching a cold. This happened to me two years ago, and I ended up being VERY sick on Christmas Eve and couldn't enjoy the evening whatsoever. So, I'm going to make sure I get all the sleep my body wants from now until Christmas, and I'm going to be chewing Vitamin C tablets like candy. I think I'm going to go start on that right now, and pick up Marcelo from work. We have to go buy some more Claritin as well as gingerbread cookie ingredients.

Have a good day, everybody! <3
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Bah, Humbug.

I give up on Christmas this year.

No, really. I do.

Half of my family is 14 hours away, and too lazy to actually shop for gifts, so they're sending a check.

My aunt, whose house I've gone to every year for Christmas since I was a baby, didn't give a fuck about whether or not we came there for Christmas this year, until my mom called her finally, only to find out that she's sick and we probably can't go there anyway.

We were going to put the tree up tonight but somehow we can't find our box of ornaments. Some of them were from before I was a baby... And they're gone. And irreplaceable.

And even if everyone decided they wanted to just start a new tradition and buy new ones, like I suggested, my mom said she doesn't have the money, that's it's either ornaments or gifts.



I haven't even gotten a single Christmas card this year...

I'm done.
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"Open 7 Days a Week - Sundays, too!"

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you your official Ewan update - With pictures!!

As you could tell from my last entry, we brought Ewan home on Friday morning instead of Saturday morning as originally planned. I had a pretty difficult time deciding between Ewan and his brother, but in the end, it came down to the fact that Ewan, when I held him, gave me kisses, and the other little boy didn't. That was really the only way I could decide, because they were both great little guys, with equal amounts of flaws and good points. I know I made the right decison :o)

He's been wonderful so far, and I expect nothing but good things out of him. He's sort of laid back, but still gets good and fiesty and loves to play. He doesn't bother the cats at all, he LOVES Anakin (but Anakin loves him more!), and he and DiMera get along really well, even though he's a little shy of her still. He's kinda sorta getting the house-breaking thing, though he can't quite get used to his crate yet. He's improving, but it's still more crying than silence. Then again, it's only his third full day in the house, so taking that into consideration, he's doing extremely well. And, the best thing about him is that he LOVES people - He literally follows us around the house, lays at our feet... He even followed me into the bathroom the other day and laid on a towel while I was in the shower. That will come in VERY handy for agility, obedience, and showing.

And speaking of showing, let me explain something about him in that respect (If you don't care, feel free to just scroll on down...). The reason that Julie (his breeder) decided to sell him as a pet was because of a suspected eye defect called a coloboma. A coloboma is a thinning or a hole in the iris - So, where there should be color, there is blackness, or pupil. In some dogs colobomas are very large and this causes them to have difficulty seeing in bright light or can eventually result in a loss of vision in the affected eye. However, when Julie took him to the eye clinic, the vet there cleared his eyes, so they went to get a second opinion. The second vet said that they weren't sure whether or not it was a coloboma, but they were sure his vision wasn't affected by it. So, the case has been sent to some experts at Purdue University, and when Julie gets the results, she'll let me know.

The significance of this is whether or not he'll remain under limited registration in the AKC. His registration is considered "limited" at the moment, because due to the possible coloboma, he can't be used for breeding. If he can't be used for breeding, he has to be neutered, and therefore can't be shown in AKC shows (all dogs in AKC shows must be fully intact). If he remains limited, I can have him neutered and still show him in ASCA shows (Australian Shepherd Club of America), which is great, but I would love to be able to show him in both rings. He has his first day of Puppy Class tomorrow, and I'm going to ask the trainers what exactly I need to do to get him into Conformation classes, because I want to show him either way, intact or not. I'll let you know what they tell me.

Well, I'm going to stop this entry here, and leave you all with absolutely adorable puppy pictures! Marcelo and I are gonna try to get to bed at a decent time this evening, so, that being said - G'nite!

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"Holy Moses nuts!"

Just to let everyone know, I am home safe and sound, WITH A PUPPY!!

He's absolutely wonderful!

But I'm exhausted, so I'll give a real update tomorrow!
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"You know what I want to do today?" "No" LOL You had to be there....

I am so crazily excited right now!!

Know why?

Well first of all, it's SNOWING!!!

And none of that wussy snow either. It is seriously snowing really hard right now, as it has been for the last six hours or so. There will be at least a good 6 inches of snow by the morning. That's so great!! I know there are a lot of people out there, but in Chicago especially, that absolutely detest the snow because of the traffic it causes (as if Chicago traffic isn't bad already...), and I'm sure my feelings about heavy snow will change once I actually get my license, but for now - Keep it comin'!! It's so beautiful, I love it. And I can't wait to go and play in it!

I probably shouldn't completely disregard how the snow is going to affect the highways, though, because tomorrow Marcelo and I will be driving at least 4 hours round-trip up to Wisconsin to pick up my puppy!! I was originally going to go on Saturday, but I figured the sooner I can bring him home and get him adjusted to the house, the better. Normally I would let a puppy take as much time as he or she needed, but I have to take him to Puppy Class on Tuesday, and he's already a class behind. On top of that, to my knowledge he will be the youngest in the class, not that this should really matter in terms of his ability to learn and advance, but it may make a difference in how he reacts socially to the other dogs. When Marcelo and I went to class this Tuesday we got to meet all of the puppies, and none of them seem overly aggressive, so that's a good thing. I should try to put any preconceptions of how class will go out of my head, though, and let things progress how they will...

But speaking of not having preconceptions, the breeder emailed me today and informed me that of the two puppies that I had it narrowed down to, I will now be getting neither of them. That's right. The stud owner came today and chose Blue Merle #1, which was one of the puppies I was going to choose from, and in her email to me the breeder said that I now had the other two Blue boys to choose from. I asked her why I couldn't choose from the Blacks, and she said Black Tri #3 can only go to a show home, and that Black Tri #2 (the other puppy I had to choose from) doesn't have the body for agility because he's too long and too wide in the front. So, my dear friends, I am back to Square 1. I'm trying to remember everything I can about the other two Blue boys, but at this point, I think I'm going to go there tomorrow pretending I've never seen either puppy before, and just see whose personality I like better. I'm sure whichever puppy I choose will be wonderful though, because they come from great parents.

On a completely random topic, I'm very seriously considering creating a blog for the purpose of mocking other people's blogs. I'm sure there will be a variety of reactions to that idea, some of which being - Thinking it's ridiculous, thinking it's mean, thinking it's hilarious, thinking it's interesting, etc. I'm certainly hoping for the last two reactions to be more prevalent, but if anyone wants to think the first two, they are more than welcome. I'll be doing it simply for my own amusement - As a mental exercise, really. And don't worry guys, when I say blog, I mean blog, not livejournal. Rest assured that none of you will be mocked! Why? Because I love you, of course!

So, that all being said, I'm gonna have to get up much much earlier than I'm used to tomorrow, so I'm gonna end this update here and play The Sims with Marcelo before heading off to bed. Wish me luck tomorrow - Between driving in the snow and picking a puppy, I'm gonna need it! G'nite!
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"David's heart can be found in the Shriiiiiine... of the Silver Monkey...."

Why is it that I always update when I have the most to say, and the least amount of energy with which to do it?

The world, may never know....

Anyway, to explain, my energy is down today because I went to the dentist today to get some fillings done and to get my bottom wisdom teeth pulled. It wasn't as bad as I expected it to be, actually, though the shots were pretty unpleasant. One of them actually brought tears to my eyes, but thankfully I was numb immediately after that, so I guess it did its job. I was fortunate that my wisdom teeth weren't impacted at all, so they were just able to be pulled out like any other tooth. Even though it didn't hurt, I could still feel it moving around in my jaw bone while it was being pulled - It was crazy! I completely expected to feel pain because of that, but luckily, I felt nothing. I'm just glad that they're out and I'm not in horrible, terrible pain.

But regardless of the fact that there was no actual pain involved in the pulling of the teeth, there was definitely a lot of anticipation and anxiety and fear about the whole incident, plus my jaws are ridiculously sore from the countless number of shots I got, so that is the reason for the lack of energy. I'll be sure to hit the highlights, though, even if it isn't particularly eloquent this evening.

....Does using the word "eloquent" automatically make the entry as such?....

So... Onward....

Break has been going pretty well so far, aside from the day before Thanksgiving. Marcelo and I wrote out a list of everything that we need to clean before December 10 when I go to pick up my puppy. We've done a few things, like cleaning out the corner where the puppy's crate will be. It'll be next to the furnace so he has a better shot at staying warm down here in the basement! We have a lot more stuff to do though, so I shouldn't get excited too quickly. But still, progress is progress.

Speaking of the puppy, I went out to see the litter again last Saturday, and I still don't know which puppy I'll be getting! The stud owner apparently can't make up her damn mind, and until she picks, I won't be able to pick, because she has about four of the puppies on hold. I was able to narrow it down to two, though!

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I'm hoping that the stud owner chooses one of those two puppies, this way I can get the other one by default and not have to try to come to a decision about which one I would rather choose. But, things are never that easy, so I'm sure I'll end up basing my decision on whichever puppy seems more social and less aggressive. I am paranoid about having another uncontrollably aggressive dog, though I don't expect these puppies to be that way. I have to learn to control my own anxieties about it, though, because if I don't, my fear will translate to the puppy, and then we'll run into a problem.

And, speaking of aggression (what convenient transition topics!), tonight Marcelo and I went to the first session of Puppy Kindergarten, which was for "Two-legged team members only". We were a little confused when we walked in because usually all of the dog training is done on the first floor of the Odeum, but today it was held on the top floor. Things were a little disorganized, but I was all taken care of. I also signed up to attend the Christmas party on December 13th. It sounds like it will be a really good time! But anyway, the Puppy Kindergarten instructors seem very very nice, and the class will be a big class - About 15 dogs. The people, though, seemed... less than enthusiastic. No one laughed, no one smile or grinned... It was kind of frightening, really. What's wrong with people?? But, regardless of the uptight bastards I'll be attending class with (hopefully first impressions are inaccurate...), I'm totally excited about it. I can't wait until the 13th!

More dog news! I was emailing German/White Shepherd breeders for my sister, and I came across this guy who lives not too far from me that is a German Shepherd breeder. This guy, Jim, is friends with the Number 2 German Shepherd handler in the country, and Jim said that he could hook me up with this guy and the two of them could teach me how to handle and evaluate puppies and whatnot. If this actually happens, it would be the most wonderful opportunity in the world for me!! I'll actually be able to finally do something about my passion for dog showing!! Jim is going up to see his handler friend on the 10th, the same day I'm supposed to get my puppy. However, both the handler and Julie are in Wisconsin, so I might be able to make it to both places! I want this to work out so badly! I can't imagine anything I'd rather do with my life...

Well, considering that I'm tired and I want to spend a little time with Marcelo before I pass out, I'm going to leave you with one more thought concerning my puppy - But this time it's interactive! I managed to narrow the list of names I had down to 2 names, but I would like some input from you guys! Which do you like better??

What should I name my dog?


By the way, about the poll, Ewan is pronounced "You-In", for those of you who may not know! :D
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