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Saying one long goodbye.

So before I go to sleep, and dream about.. well, nevermind, I decided to update.

Today has been one of the "better days". I still have my horrid cold though, so I've been coughing a lot. I don't know if I'm going to school tomrrow or what? I might go to the doctor's instead. My parents think this is some serious cold or something, but little do they know, this is just the common one. I hate when people make a big deal about someone having a cold. It's just a damnn cold.. DAMNN YOUU ALL!

My dad is trying to get Felicia and I to go visit my Aunt in P.A. this summer. Like hell I am.. Pfft NO! It would be cool to go to P.A. since she also said she'd take us to NY and such, but.. she's just.. soooo.. creppy. Plus, I know like.. no one up there. I'll be stuck with her, her husband, and Felicia! She doens't have a t.v. for crist's sake!? Yeah, she's really religious. Oh well, it would be a good experience. Since Erin might venture out of FL for her summer, I guess I'll have to, too. We'll see though. I wouldn't mind if she'd let me go off on my own while she stayed home or something.

I gotttsa go to sleep.

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