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Can you dig it?

The real you vs. the fantasy you

Real name: Krista

What you wish your name was: Something long, or fairly long. Like Amalia, or Sasquatch.. haha. Dawn is okay, too.

Where you are now: In my room, on my chair, which is on the carpet, that is in my room. Ah ha!

Where you wish you were right now: Maybe in the living room, on a chair, on the carpet, that is in the living room.

Your age: 14

How old you wish you were: 18? 19? i dunno, somewhere along those lines.

Your hair color: brown

What color you wish your hair was: I have the urge to dye it platinum blonde, just to have a change.. but I like the color it is now

Your eye color: Dark Brown

What color you wish your eyes were: A light blue.. or grey.

Your height: 5'3"?

What you wish your height was: 5'9!

What you drive: Nothing at the moment.

What you wish you drove: A Ford Terrino. Even those Fords suck (no offense), that car just looks rad.

Where you work: .. no where at the moment

Where you wish you worked: A music store, or.. something of the sort.

Your boyfrind/girlfriend: Haha.. no one.

Who you wish was your boyfriend/girlfriend: No one. I'm fine being alone.. and single.. and.. and hopeless *breaks down*

This or That?

50 Cent or Eminem? Eminem. 50 cent is soo last summer.

Sprite or 7-Up? Sprite

J-Lo or Beyonce? Beyonce. Because she's a naughty girl. (in order to understand this.. you must hear her new song.. yeah. This is what MTV does to you..)

L.A. or New York? Probably L.A. because NY seems too.. "blah"

Google or Ask Jeeves? Google. Because.. it's catchy.

Preppy or Punk? I'm going to go with punk.

BMW or Mercedes? BMW.. because the name.. it's shorter.

Rock or Rap? Roccck, BIATCH!

Pretty or Cute? Cute, because.. I dunno.

Book or Magazine? Magazines, since they're just more enjoyable

Tongue ring or Belly button ring? Tongue. Those are sexy.. ehh.. but look very painful?

you ever?

Have you ever bought anything off of E-Bay? DDR pads.. nothing else.

Have you ever embarrassed yourself in front of the entire school? I don't suppose I have..

Have you ever met a famous person? Uh.. well, I like to think I met all the members of Linkin Park, P.O.D, Hoobastank, and Story of the year at a concert, though not up close. I saw the little specs dancing around though.

Have you ever fallen down in public? Haha.. Yes... anywhooo..

Have you ever forgotten your best friend's birthday? It's impossible, simply because they always mention it the week before

Have you ever kissed someone way older than you? Yes. some 80 yr old guy. ... that was.. a joke.. *shifts eyes*

Have you ever been fired from babysitting? I haven't been asked to baby sit anyone..

Have you ever accidentally walked in on someone in the bathroom? HAHA! Yes, some lady in a restrurant, though I swear I knocked before i kicked the door open on her.. eek.. just the memory of this.. is killing me.

Have you ever given a stranger your number? Hmm, no, well I haven't, though SOMEONE posted my number in some sites. Hmm, whoever did it really needs to die (ERIN)

Have you ever purposely put something gross in some ones food? haha hell yeah..


Slushie flavor: The original Cherry.

Grocery store: I like Wal*mart, though, who doesn't?

Car color: I dunno, a dark red?

Shoe store: Journeys probably.

Tree: Japanese maple?

Country: Germany! or Japan.

Sports team: Hmm.. I'm going to go with the Gators..

Magazine: Teen People


Is there a friend that you stopped speaking to a long time ago but still miss? I guess Lynzie. Those were some good times, foo. Maybe even Rebecca.

Is there a guy/girl that you messed things up with and wish you could have another chance with? Not.. really.

Is there a person you hurt and wish you had appologized to? Physically.. I'm thinking Kevin, and mentally, I'm thinking Ana

Is there a person you have a crush on but don't want them to know because you think they are out of your league? yes. Which he is, just for the records.

Do you still feel guilty for lying to your parents a long time ago and never telling them to truth? YES! I feel horrible, and wish i could tell them. but I'd know I'd get a beat down if I did, so I'll keep it on the Down Low.. lol

Is there something you really want to change about yourself but can't seem to get motivated? My Hair. if only I had the motivation of money to go out and get a hair cut. Pfft. Ohhh well...

Well.. that.. was interesting.
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