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the worlds going to end pretty soon.

My mom is on a rampage. She's yelling at me for no reason. I swear, it's annoying. I didn't do anything to make her angry, she wasn't home all day either, but when she comes back from the store with my dad they changed emotions like robots and went crazy.

Obviously, no one can trust anyone anymore. Someones always lying, and unless they say they are or there's like some proof they are, then you really aren't sure. So, right now I'm pissed at everyone, except for Erin, because well, I don't really care if she lied to me... it doesn't bother me as much as others. I blocked everyone... and it feels good. haha.

I need to find someone to go see Fahrenheit 9/11 with. Michael Moore was on Conan O'Brian and.. now I'm going to kill anyone who gets in my way of seeing it. First I need a parent to buy me the ticket, or I'll have to sneek in. I also want to see White Chicks, too. Sort of.. it looks stupid yet funny.

beep beep.

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