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This is how to start a war

This is one useless entry.

I just felt like updating.

I've been on-line for an hour and 24 minutes. But I disconnected earlier, so I guess that would be 2 hours all together. It's 8:45, and I should have been watching "the secret window" right now, and ready for bed, since we have to wake up early to get headed on our road trip to St. Augustine. I'm spending my precious time on-line..

I'm off to watch the movie and take a shower.

bye <3

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    I got an official new journal. woo. ____letsroll add it, pleaseeee.

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    By Wednesday I will be offically grounded from the computer at home.


    Jackass people sure do piss me off. DUMB LADIES in the office can't even finish one stupid schedule, and swimming sucks. The majority of the team…

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