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Coooo Cooooo Cooooooo *pigeon noises*

My psychic predictions are telling me today is going to be long and boring. I could be wrong though. I'm pretty sure if I ask to go anywhere my parents will kill me, so I'm just planning to talk on the phone/on-line, play DDR and go swimming.

My dad was watching a cooking show this morning. One chef was from Holland, and was cooking a weird dutch meal. I don't think I could eat any food from Europe. Maybe some.. but, uggh that was nasty. It was pigeon breasts with crepes! I think I'm going to have nightmares. I can just picture the pigeons roaming around a fountain.. then a chef with a butcher knife pops up and kills them all. The Pigeon Masacre.  ...That's depressing.



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    I got an official new journal. woo. ____letsroll add it, pleaseeee.

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    By Wednesday I will be offically grounded from the computer at home.


    Jackass people sure do piss me off. DUMB LADIES in the office can't even finish one stupid schedule, and swimming sucks. The majority of the team…

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