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Hella hella hella hella hella hella hella hella hella hella hella hella hella hella hella hella

Ahh I'm mighty bored

Name: Krista
Name on birth certificate: Krista Holloman
Nicknames: Kris is the most used one
Screen Name: luck3e0m3e13 or retr0lunchb0x
When is your birthday?: January 22, woottttt.
Eye color: a darkish brown
Hair color: brown with I think a little bit of red
Natural Hair Color: brown
Who do you love/like: Family/friends
Who is your best friend?: My erin-poo. Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa...
Who is your girl crush?: Your mom *gasp*
Who is your boy crush?: ....

Outfit: khakis(sp??) and my AAR shirt
Hairstyle: Ah.. it's everywhere... haha.

Jewelry/Accessories: le karma beadies
Do drugs: Nope
Wear dark colors: occasionally
Dye your hair: I did a bunch of times

Kissed someone: No, unless you count.. wait.. nevermind. haha.
Killed someone: ....
Been raped: Eek.. no..
Smoked: nah..
Gotten Drunk: Yeaaah man.
Worn rainbow: .. sure.
Talked on the phone for over 3 hours: I don't remember.. haha. but more than likely it was with Erin.
Left the country: nope
Had a party with over 30 people: Haha yeah my birthday party was dope last year. It had invited maybe 8 people.. but there was probably more than 30 there, lol.
Caught something on fire: yeah a tissue

Cat/Dog: cat.. since.. well yeah.
White/Black: black
Hot/Cold: cold
Far/Near: near
Water/Land: water
Kiss/Sex: .... lol kiss
Online/Phone: online
Beer/Book: book
Novel/Poetry: novel
Music/Silence: music

Short/Long Hair: short, long is.. just.. weird.
Preppy/Dorky/Druggie: uggh, def. not the preppy, thats.. just gay.
Freckles/No Freckles: I dont want them covered in freckles lol

Hair Color: Doesn't matter.
Hat/No hat: no hat..
Fat/Thin: I want a "fit" man, lol. Or just an inbetween
Makeup/No Makeup: .. on a dude?? Maybe eye liner ;) lol haha Daveeyyyy...
Holding hands/Holding 'other body parts': Other body parts? That sounds kinda kinky. so I'll go with holding hands, lol.

You Talked to: At home it was my dad, but on-line it was.... Amanda
You Hugged: Jasmine lol
You Kissed: Ohhh yeah, that was most def. John.. lol, haha.
Had sex with: I'm gonna go with John on that one too.
Instant messaged: oh, now.. it would be Erin
Who broke your heart: .. Erin. lol

Understanding: I think..
Open-minded: If it's something stupid, then no
Arrogant: sure
Insecure: I wouldnt' say so myself
Interesting: Not much
Hungry: not at the moment
Smart: I'm average
Moody: not a lot, I usually stay one mood for like half the day then change
Childish: yeah, i guess
Independent: yeah sometimes
Hard working: When i'm motivated
Healthy: the doctor says so
Emotionally Stable: .. I would hope so??
Shy: Only around some people
Difficult: i think so
Bored Easily: yeah, like for example.. this survey is getting really boring
Thirsty: no
Obsessed: lol, call me what you will..
Angry: not at the moment
Sad: no I'm most of the time happy
Happy: ... most of the time
Trusting: nah
Ill: no
Talkative: around people I know
Reliable: sometimes
Self-disciplined: not exactly
Sleepy: a little
Lonely: forrr lovveee? oh yeah.  Isn't that a song?

-have a boat?- yep
-sleep nude?- eek.. no.. BUT ERIN DOES hahahha
-have a waterbed?- Those things look cool but no
-like cookies?- Only white choco ones
-have DVDs?- yeah
-like cheese?- Only on pizza
-have a watch?- yeah?
-sing in the shower?- haha yes.
-have a cell phone?- yeah
-keep a photo album?- yes
-drink water?- no.. because.. its nasty
like roller coasters?- Uggh i used to hate them but Erin converted me
-drive?- In driving games
-have a best friends?- yeah
-know what TVU is?- ... no?
-listen to online radio stations?- yeah sometimes
-send e-mail forwards?- NO! I HATE THEM! NEVER SEND ME THEM!!
-like the heat?- nooo

-bungee jumped?- no... i dont plan to..
-gotten a tattoo?- ahh I want one
-sky dived?- No.. and I also dont want to do that too
-skinny dipped?- ohhh yeaaah baby. all the time. Look! I am right now!
-gotten your tongue stuck to a cold pole?- haha, no but thats grand
-had pop rocks and coke together?- yeah.. but I think it was pepsi..

-played truth or dare?- yeah

-made a prank phone call?- AHHH!! thats my specialty.
-eaten snow?- if you count snowcones
-puked on someone you really liked?- ewww, no
-eaten pure sugar?- yes
-mixed sodas together?- yeah
-had sushi?- yes, I hate it
-worn a thong?- uggh. no, thats... nasty.
-hung up on someone?- yeah
-used all cuss words in a sentence?- no
-stayed up for more than 24 hrs straight?- haha no.. that would be hard..
-stood on your head and drank milk?- that’s weird
-cried during a movie?- who hasn’t?
-swallowed gum?- a few times
-said, "I love you" and not meant it?- yes
-eaten glue?- probably when I was younger
-been on a train?- at BG... lol, wait. I don't even know if I did that. WTF??

That was one hella long survey!


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