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Your hawt, like a... uh hot pocket.

*sigh* I'm bored.. Everyone who actually talked.. well, got off-line. I had fun tonight talking to people, lol. Much fun.. I think I annoyed a lot of people though.... OH WELL! haha. I had mucho fun.
I decided to start writing a love novel. It's going to be the shheeee-att!! Damn right. Haha. I'll post them as private in here or something, but then when it's finished i'll share it with the worldddd *evil laugh*. Main characters - Emeralduh and Chanceelot. Haha. Ahh I always have great ideas when it's close to midnight. Pfft.. lol
Tomorrow is MOSI or SkateFactory day! woot! lol, haha. Not sure. I want to go early.. but we'll see. Anyones welcomed to go.. just get a ride and meet us there, lol.
*sigh* Everyones getting all sassy with me. First Ryan, then Chance, then some girl named Sahara, now ERIN? Whats this world coming to?
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