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I woke up at 10:00. Nothing like sleeping in with no distruptions :]
My mom went to pick Felicia up a little while ago..
She brought back chocolate
that Misty gave her(?)
and it is spanish(?).
Ideas of getting a haircut today are brewing.
I'm making a habit of putting every sentence/half sentence
on it's own line.
I left the room to get a paper towel
and I see Jimmy Fallon doing a dance routine
on the MTV movie awards.
Questions that first come to mind-
How'd he learn to dance like that,
and are the movie awards always going to play now?
I need to take a shower for my hair to be fluffy.

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    I got an official new journal. woo. ____letsroll add it, pleaseeee.

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    By Wednesday I will be offically grounded from the computer at home.


    Jackass people sure do piss me off. DUMB LADIES in the office can't even finish one stupid schedule, and swimming sucks. The majority of the team…

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