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Before I start my ranting, I'd just like to say, I love this song ^_^.

Everyone in my family is so negative. I'm the only half postive person in this family. Felicia is crazy. She gets mad over the smallest things. She got angry because fo something someone put in the community. WTF?? She starts yelling I told her to be quiet and shut up, then she goes and tells my mom. I'm almost positive my mom is mad at me now. Then my dad asks Felicia wants wrong, and she starts complaining about me never doing the dishes?? Another WTF?!! I do them when it's my scheduled turn. She always finds a way to make my parents pissed off at me. Then she complains about everything being blamed on her and shit. ARGHHH. I cant stand her. I wish I didn't have a sister. I wish I was the only child in a new family. Like the typical 50's sitcom family. That would be a lot better. I think a lot of people have a easier life than me. Most kids know how to please their parents so they won't be all pissed off at them and scream 24/7. I have no idea how to please my parents because it differs from time to time.

I also think my parents favor Felicia. I guess every child would feel this way. I cant blame my parents. Well I can but whatever. She does get better grades than me, and they hardly yell at her. BUT SHE HAS AN ATTITUDE PROBLEM! When she gives them lip they yell at her but they don't take her privliges away.

I wish school started early :[ Then I could get out of the house.

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    I got an official new journal. woo. ____letsroll add it, pleaseeee.

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    By Wednesday I will be offically grounded from the computer at home.


    Jackass people sure do piss me off. DUMB LADIES in the office can't even finish one stupid schedule, and swimming sucks. The majority of the team…

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