October 16th, 2004


love is in the air, everywhere.

So, I got my scheduled changed and all. Now I don't have my 6th period english anymore =( That was class was awesome. But, I do have Mr. K(?) with Erin now. I don't know if I should be happy or sad that I just lost my only class with "certain people".

We had conference today. Woot. That was funn! I had a 200 free (came in last, lol) and a 100 back (came in second to last but improved my time by 2 seconds woo!) I'm pretty stoked for districts now. It was fricking cold on the morning but got really hot towards the afternoon.

Anyways, uh well My parents want Ms. Bowens to change my grade ( a D ) before report cards. Long story... I'm not even supposed to be online right now.

But, wowzers. Last week sucked and well.. this weekend has started out good with the whole conference and all. I have to go buy stuff for my "secret swimmer".

I'll update at school or when my parents aren't watching me like hawks.

P.S. I really really hope this week is better than last week.
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