October 9th, 2004


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I wish I could go on and on about how great my weekend/week has been but that would just be lying.

My sleeping habits have changed so much from this summer. I stayed up late and woke up late. Now I go to sleep early and wake up extremely early. I don't feel like a kid anymore.

Right now I'm not really sure of anything anymore. Lately it's like I don't seem to know anything. Makes me feel really stupid after a while, you know? I keep forgetting things and I don't know what my plans are or even who my real friends are. Not to forget it's like I haven't been myself lately at all. I'm a very lose happy person but I've been pretty uptight and depressed again. It's not because of the people I hang out with, I know that for sure, I think it's because I feel so strongly about something that it's just mixing up my priorities. I need a little bit of "me" time. I don't get that much anymore. Why bother with people if they wont appreciate it. I want to see a little bit of r-e-s-p-e-c-t from people now days. I'm always there to listen to people's problems but is anyone there to really listen to mine? Instead of teaching us crap like solving equations and what a valence electron is, why not teach us something usefull like how to care or listen. Just a little bit of common-sense type of stuff.

I doubt my psychic abilities now, too. So much for that crap.

Went to see Taxi last night after all. Pretty good.

Swim practice was lame. Swim meet on Monday. The coach said this meet will probably just be a fun one. He's just going to mix around a lot of things and maybe let us pick what we want to do. That might be cool, I guess.

My parents went out today to buy a new lawn mower. It's my dad's birthday present. He seems pretty syked about it. I am, too. I cant wait to mow the lawn with that sucker.

I'm off to go check up on some people and see how they're doing. Adios.
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On the bright side of things:

I found out some good news.

I bought two new books and a shirt. Ah haaaa. One book is all about The Origins Of Species. Interesting, huh? huh? huh? ohh yes. And the others just some mumbojumbo Chinese girl biography. yeah, I'm leaning more towards the Charles Darwin book.

Tomorrow I plan to buy my aquarium for my club. I decided I'm putting it in Ms. Porter's room and not Mrs. Cullum's room. I hope when I break the news to her there wont be any drama.

My parents decided to try that "Johnny Carrinos" place that was just built. We had to get it to go since there was just too man people there. It was pretty good.

I'm in a better mood than I was like.. 5 seconds ago. Knowing that people are okay, and that in a couple of minutes I'm going to sit down and watch some DVDs is very assuring.
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